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11 Game Changing Steps to Building A Power Brand

Video Summary

Your brand is an investment - one of the most important ones you can make - and building it doesn’t come easily. Take it from Blitz Metrics CTO Dennis Yu and Heather Dopson, who runs Enterprise Social Media at GoDaddy. They’ve put the hard brand-building work in already; some of it’s paid off, some hasn’t. Join them in this actionable, how-to session to get the straight, undiluted truth on what brand strategies actually deliver - like influencer marketing and content marketing - and which don’t, so you can make the most of your branding dollars - whether you’re an enterprise, mid-sized organization, startup, or aspiring young professional.


Heather is an advocate for authenticity. She's a catalyst for conversations worth having, and an enabler for ideas worth exploring. She's fueled by tracking digital trends, innovation in technology, and taco trucks. She has a profound understanding of social networks, community building, consumers and branding; and a pronounced intolerance for bullshit. As a Community Builder on the GoDaddy Enterprise Social team, she leverages her skills as a connector and her drive to help small businesses succeed. Her mission in life is to help people lose their J-O-B and find their J-O-Y. Heather is also the host of GoDaddy's weekly live show, Beyond the Domain. The show brings the best tools, resources and information to guide people along their journey to life fulfilling ventures.

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