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7 Tips to Never Have a Bad Landing Page Again/Boost Conversions by Learning Exactly What Your Customer Wants…Without Asking Them!

Video Summary

Landing pages are essential, but if you try to wing it, you’re likely going to end up with the dreaded Frankenpage. In this session, Justin will share his 7 best tips to ensure that your landing pages actually convert! There are two kinds of user tests: Active Tests & Passive Tests. Justin shares the difference between the two and why you need to invest in passive user tests to improve your user experience and boost conversions for companies of all types and sizes.


I’m a professional who is constantly surprised, fascinated by these surprises, and on a mission to be surprised again.

Did you follow that? Here’s what I mean:

If someone asked me 10 years ago what I’d be doing with my career, I never in a million years would have guessed that I would have found myself running a marketing department with the mission to help double the size of 10,000 businesses.



Well, I was the stereotypical liberal arts major and thought marketing and sales were ICKY and had no place as a part of my life.

But I found out how fascinating and fulfilling it is to deconstruct marketing puzzles using data, creativity, and technology. In marketing, I found a more fulfilling (and better paying) way to satisfy curiosity with the end result of growing companies.

The surprises don’t stop!


If someone asked me 5 years ago whether I thought sales had any place in my professional ecosystem, I would have said “Oh HELL no!”

But surprise, surprise…

I quickly learned that bridging the gap between sales and marketing was a new business puzzle worth tackling and I’ll approach it with data, creativity, and technology.

tl:dr I’m a tech-savvy marketer that runs toward change and loves puzzles.

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