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A/B Testing: Why You're Probably Doing it Wrong

Video Summary

When it comes to optimizing your growth marketing strategy fast - or nearly anything else, really - the A/B test is your secret weapon. The trouble is, you're probably not using it right. The conventional A/B test wisdom doesn't work in B2B growth marketing, because it wasn't originally made for it. Just ask Martijn Scheijbeler. He learned the hard way, so you don't have to. Join this session for straight-to-the-point, nuts-and-bolt strategies for getting B2B growth marketing A/B test results you can really make a difference with.


Martijn Scheijbeler, Director of Marketing at The Next Web. He’s responsible for the execution of its marketing strategy involving audience growth & engagement, marketing analytics, product, and data across all projects related to The Next Web: Deals, Conference & Index.co.

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