A cloud for every occasion

Video Summary

Every project is different. Sometimes that's by design, with fundamentally different requirements. Sometimes it's a function of who was involved, or when it was built. Sometimes projects can change massively over time – sometimes the original architecture lasts forever. A variety of needs calls for a variety of responses, which is why cloud vendors offer a spectrum of deployment options. Whether you want to "lift and shift" an existing monolithic service into the cloud, gradually refactor into so-called serverless microservices, or run a hybrid between your own servers and the cloud, there are options available. This talk can't tell you what you should do – but it can tell you what you could do.


Jon Skeet is a software engineer for Google in London, who plays with C# (somewhat obsessively) in his free time. He loves writing and talking about C#, and the third edition of ‘C# in Depth’ was published in September 2013. Writing less formally, Jon spends a lot of time on Stack Overflow… where ‘a lot’ is an understatement. Give him a puzzle about how C# behaves which gets him reaching for the language specification, and Jon is a happy bunny. Jon lives in Reading with his wife and three children.

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