14 Questions You Should Answer When Telling Your Story

So you’re thinking about telling your story. Great We love a good story… lets make it better by answering some of these questions:

  1. What, if any, entrepreneurial traits did you have when you were younger?
  2. Did you ever think that you weren’t going to succeed as an entrepreneur and why?
  3. How you came up with the idea?
  4. What made you get started?
  5. Is there a moment in time you realised you just had to do it?
  6. How did you get started? Talk us through the early days
  7. What issues did you have not only at the start but through the journey?
  8. When did you realise that it was a real business?
  9. What were your biggest hurdles?
  10. What where your biggest wins?
  11. Did you have that moment where it was all going to collapse?
  12. How did you manage to get through it?
  13. What were some of the emotions of the entrepreneur’s roller-coaster journey you experienced?
  14. Where the business is today and what do you see for the future of the business in the next 12 months?

As a little side tip, at the end of the video always leave the viewer wanting more! That way they will come back to watch your next video should you choose to upload another one over the next 3-6-12 months!