90’s Powerhouse Michael Dell of Dell Computers

Dell Computers started in 1984.

Michael Dell had $1,000 which he used to buy spare computer parts and put them together to build computers which he would then sell for a profit reinvesting every cent back into the business.

Through the 90’s the value of Dell Computers almost doubled every year while the PC boom took off.

In more recent years it’s been tough as the market has shifted to smartphones and cloud computing.

In 1988 Dell Computers raises $30m valuing the businesses at over $85million!

1991 sees international sales double for the 3rd year in a row.

1992 sees Dell featured amongst the Fortune 500, making the founder Michael Dell the youngest CEO to receive this honour.

1996 sees Dell.com launch and within 6 months is achieving more than a million dollars in sales every day!

1999 sees Dell ranked number 1 in the word for PCs

2000 sees internet sales reach $40m a day!

2013 sees Michael Dell and a private equity firm buy the company back from shareholders.