B2B Marketing/Customer Acquisition with Initialized Capital, Lever, Lob, Sendwithus.com, and Rankscience


Leore Avidar – CEO & Co-Founder / Lob

Matt Harris – Founder / sendwithus.com

Ryan Bednar – Co-Founder & CEO / RankScience

Garry Tan – Co-Founder & Managing Partner / Initialized Capital (Moderator)

Sarah Nahm – Founder & CEO / Lever


A look at 4 companies that have all had recent success with B2B customer acquisition and how they did it.


Lever – hiring platform

Sendwithus – email communication

Lob.com – API online to offline

Rankscience – Automate seo services through data science

User and market research – talk to people and understand what problems were and identify it and work the solution

Get 100 users that love you and not 1000 users that like you

If the initial strategy doesn’t work, switch it up

Ask questions on Quora and answer them yourself

Go to events and give away free credits

Do unscallable things first and then use tech to systemise and scale later