Gary Vaynerchuck – Trader of Attention & Investor in Future Unicorns

Gary was born in Belarus in 1975 before migrating to America with his family in 1979. Gary and 8 family members lived in a studio apartment in Queens before moving to New Jersey.

Gary was an entrepreneur from an early age getting involved in lemonade stands, baseball cards and eventually the family wine business at age 14.

From the moment Gary graduated college in 1999, he took over the day to day running of the wine store looking to grow it. After learning the business Gary renamed the business to Wine Library and started selling wine online.

He became a master of the internet and the various channels available to promote the wine business including Google and YouTube. Gary eventually grew the wine business from $3m turnover to $60m in turnover!

Gary left the wine business in 2011 to work with his brother in the business they co-founded in 2009 called Vaynermedia. By 2016 Vaynermedia had grossed a $100m in revenue and had 600 staff.

Gary is also a well known angle investor having invested in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and dozens more.

Gary follows the philosophy that its better to document than create content and release DailyVee episode every day since 2015.

If the above accomplishments are not enough for one man, Gary has also penned 4 books that have been number 1 sellers around the world including Crush It, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, The Thank You Economy and AskGaryVee.

For all the work Gary does within his business, across the world in talks and events and through the investments he has made, Gary is considered one of the best Entrepreneurs in the world and his hard work and dedication to what he does have been recognised through numerous awards and keynote speaks.

Every entrepreneur should thank Gary Vaynerchuck for the contribution he has made to the start-up world and his endless dedication to give more to help others.