How Product Hunt sold for $20m within 3 years of launch

Product Hunt was founded by Ryan Hoover. For those that might not know, Product Hunt is a popular website to find the latest products for just about anything you need including new marketing and tech tools which the entrepreneurial community love!

Ryan came from an entrepreneurial family and was always looking at business ideas and new opportunities of how he might be able to create a business which would make money.

Ryan did not have a clear path to developing Product Hunt. He had held a number of different jobs in different industries trying to figure out where life would take him. In the years just before he built Product Hunt, he worked at a couple of start-ups and helped a friend write a book about product development.
Since deciding to launch Product Hunt in late 2013 and since then has focused on helping others find the latest and greatest new apps, software and tools all around the world. This idea was born from his own frustration of trying to find interesting products in other countries.

12 months after launching product hunt with great early traction and success; they raised $7.1m from Andreessen Horowitz.

6 months after raising their Series A round, they won Start up of the year at the Crunchies.

In September 2016 they launched their own podcast only to close it down within 12 months to ensure they stayed focused on the main goal which was to help users find new products.

By the end of 2016, Product Hunt had offers on the table and sold to AngelList for a rumoured $20m.
Under the AngelList ownership, Ryan remains as the CEO of Product Hunt and is now focused on helping the tech community with their discovery of new products.