Lessons Learned from Enterprise Leaders on Growing and Evolving $1M to $100M ARR



Craig Hanson – General Partner / NextWorld Capital (Moderator)

Godard Abel – Co-Founder & Executive Chairman / G2

Yvonne Wassenaar – CEO / Airware

Marc Diouane – President / Zuora


Lessons Learned from Enterprise Leaders on Growing and Evolving $1M to $100M ARR

Successful enterprise CEOs and Presidents share the real-world stories of how their companies overcame the challenges growing from early-revenue to global leadership. We’ll discuss the no-BS insights and tough lessons with Yvonne Wassenaar (New Relic, Airware); Godard Abel (SteelBrick, G2 Crowd); and Marc Diouane (Zuora).What’s hard and what are the challenges


  • When you have to let go of something you love and your good at
  • When it’s personal it’s tough
  • New Relic founder moved to enterprise sales which he said he’d never do – never say never!
  • Have to reinvent yourself and iterate everyday
  • When you shift the target market you are aiming for, everything has to shift internally to ensure you get it right. You may not have the right staff to execute a new target
  • What is working today will probably break tomorrow. Leadership is about identity what will break when and fix it before it happens
  • Emotional challenges are tough
  • Constant fear of failure
  • Personal emotions can impact on your business emotions and vice versa
  • You need to make some really hard pivots on the path to success
  • Speed of market today is so fast that you need to be able to make decisions quickly. Need to focus on what is important and not pivot when it’s not necessary
  • Need to have positive friction in the business to push the business forward
  • As soon as you think your successful something breaks
  • As your company grows you need to keep breaking it and then fixing it with new leaders and keep the whole company aligned
  • The smaller the company, the more extreme emotions of highs and lows. Remind yourself that everyone goes through it and try to be calm when you’re in a life or death situation
  • Conviction in your decisions – go full on and not half assed otherwise your doomed for failure
  • Be open minded about changing your decisions
  • People management
  • Self-awareness and more conscious of what your involved in and be all in and not distracted