Point Nine Capital Partner Chris Janz talks through Saas Napkin 2018


Christoph Janz – Partner / Point Nine Capital


Christoph Janz and Louis Coppey of Point Nine Capital will try to give you a “back of a napkin“ answer to the question of what it takes to raise capital in SaaS, in 2018, at different stages.


I was lucky enough to grab a seat (although I had to sit on the floor) at Chris Janz talk at Saastr. Based in Berlin, Chris is one of the most respected Angel and VC investors not only in Germany but in the USA too.

Chris showcased his ‘back of a napkin’ requirements to funding in 2017 and gave us an insight into what will be required in 2018! While I haven’t taken notes from this talk, the pictures of his slides below speak for themselves.

The data on these slides has been taken from a survey of over 60 VC’s that specialise in funding SaaS business.

Chris also blogs which you can find here: http://christophjanz.blogspot.com/

Quick Bio: Chris is a Partner at Point Nine Capital. Previously he was an Internet entrepreneur and angel investor. In 1997 he co-founded DealPilot.com (acquired by Shopping.com) and in 2005 he co-founded Pageflakes (acquired by LiveUniverse). His investments include Zendesk, FreeAgent, Geckoboard, Algolia, Typeform, Contentful and other SaaS startups.


Slide Deck: