Scaling B2B Growth – YCombinator Panel


Merci Victoria Grace – Former Head of Growth / Slack

ChenLi Wang – Former Head of Growth / Dropbox

Anu Hariharan – Partner / YC


When do you need a Growth team?

Once you have PMF then onboard a growth team

Freemium product or software enabled sales funnel – need growth team

If sales driven by outbound sales team , then don’t need a growth team


How do you measure PMF?

Indirect – when customers are pushing you instead of you pushing them

Retention levels indicate PMF


What is a growth team?

Focused on certain part of funnel and then keep going


Find leading correlator

Adding in things down the funnel

PM working on conversion to paid

Product engagement data


Product team vs Growth team

Product team executes against vision and core product


Mandate of growth team vs product and market team

Need to have clear lines to understand what you do vs other teams when there is overlap


Referral flows

Activate within industry’s / markets

Dropbox – Space Race campaign into schools – a very smart way to increase market share

Symmetric referral system


People leave jobs but not tools

Who is your audience, what are the types of channels and mediums where they are

First person to work on Growth should be someone that works at your company and understands your customer best.

Need really great tracking across everything and make sure the data is right!

Everyone in the company should start on support tickets to understand the customer

Growth is Art and science

“The scariest day is when numbers are down, the second scariest day is when numbers are up and you don’t know why”

Understand sales enablement – giving your sales team the right tools to make sales

Growth team should be cross functional

Design, engineering, product, etc