Startup Resources

Startup resources

As a budding entrepreneur, there thousands of places to go and find out the best startup resources available but how do you know what to actually use! It can be very confusing once you start digging through all the content. Eventually days go by and you’ve achieved nothing except wasting your time trying to learn about all the different tools, identify the differences and trying to work out whats actually going to work for you!

And don’t even get me started on the integrations! You’ll lose weeks if not months on trying to figure this out!

Luckily there are some smart people around that have helped reduce the amount of work you need to do by putting together some resources for startups which you should check out.

Below I’ve got a great list of startup resources that you should consider reading. Not only do I list websites that are worth checking out, but a few top tools too!


Startup Resource Websites

So there are hundreds of websites around the web which bring together a bunch of resources for startups. Most of them are free which is great! Here are a list of the top 10 startup resource websites:

Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup. It includes 400 products in 40 categories, like for example: Idea Generation, Early users, Marketing, Raising Capital and Customer support. Each category consists of 10 handpicked resources and tools, all with their own detail page that displays some info about the product.

Hundreds of curated startup resources specialising in categories including Business, Marketing, Design, Productivity and Learning. It contains hundreds of freebees as well as a startup cource on how to go from 0-1m visitors for $49.

Launched in May 2015, Makerbook is hand-picked directory featuring the very best, free resources for creatives. Why? There are a hell of a lot of free resources out there. We wanted to put all of the best, free resources for creatives in one place. For everyone to access easily. By doing this we will hopefully save ourselves precious time and money. Are all the resources really free? Yes, every single resource listed on Makerbook is completely free and of the highest quality. We will be updating the site with new stuff often so be sure to come back often.

The best damn way to search and discover growth hacking tools and marketing tools on the planet. This is a huge startup resource for those looking to growth hack their way to success. Broken down into 18 sepaarte categories, each category has the best startup resources linked for growth hacking!

The perfect resource for content marketing. Broken down into 7 sections, this startup resource will help you focus on content Strategy, Content, Content, Distribution, Paid Promotion, Links and Measure. As content marketing is the number one way to create an impact through the growth of your startup, this is a must visit to understand how to execute correctly.

Recomazing is a curated database of business tools by the startup community. Follow and hear from those you admire. Understand why people recommend tools and what to watch out for before jumping in. With over 10,000 recommendations, this tool should be near the top of your list when it comes to building out your marketing stack!


So while these are some great websites that curate the startup resources available to founders, the key to any website like this is the curation of the content and whether it is kept up to date as new tools continuously get developed.

Whats really important to understand is that these websites don’t take n in depth look at the tools they recommend (as its impossible to review every tool) but they will help you discover whats out there. The trick to identifying the right tools for you is to make sure you really understand what you need to achieve and what the tool needs to do and potentially what it needs to integrate with. Even if it does integrate with other tools you have already selected, there are tools like Zapier which make it easy to get most things talking to each other and being effective for your startup launch and early stage growth.

Startup Resource Tools

Lets take it one step further and identify the best of the best tools that you should consider when putting together your Marketing Stack – the must haves effectively. This is a simple startup resource where if you have no idea where to start, just follow the below list and you’ll be ok…

Website CMS

WordPress – The most used CMS in the world powering almost 25% of the words websites. Simple to use and with millions of templates available, this is something you could do yourself with a little up-skilling or alternatively be able to find a freelancer to help you.

Website Hosting

Once again there are hundreds of website hosting tools but it best to go for some of the big players if your looking to grow your startup to more than a few thousands users. Think about talking to the likes of AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsift Bizspark) and Alibaba Cloud (Alibaba). The 3 of these players have startup programs which you’ll effectively be able to get free hosting for the first year or so.

Task Management Tools

So you want to build a startup, your going to have a thousand things you need to do. This means you’ll need some form of tool to spell it all out and share different tasks with your team. You can look at Trello, Asana or a new one i stumbled across recently called Clickup

Email Marketing

Once you’ve built your website and got some visitors, you’ll probably start collecting some email addresses and you’ll need a tool that can email them. There hundreds of email marketing tools. If you’re looking for something really simple then the best known marketing tool is Mailchimp. If you want something a little more sophisticated with automated user journeys then you can look at tools like Autopilot (ask us for a Coupon Code and get a dsicount when you sign up) or Active Campaign which has both a email tool and a CRM.


Are you doing B2B sales? If you are theirs a good chance you’ll need to implement a CRM. Once again their are hundreds of available options. Tow of the best know tools are Hubspots free CRM and Salesforce for those looking for a more sophisticated product with integration and an app exchange to add a heap of features. There are also really cheap tools like Zoho which is part of the google offering.

Landing Pages

A good way to test your marketing is to develop landing pages. These landing pages can help increase your lead conversion and allow you to mazimise your marketing dollar! Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages and ClickFunnels are some of the most used landing page tools used in the startup market and a must for any startup.


So once you start doing your marketing and getting some traffic, you’ll want to start analysing the data. Having analytic tools installed like Google Analytics, Heap Analytics and HotJar will help you understand what your users are doing on your website and give you some data to make informed decisions on what changes you need to make instead of guessing!


The above startup resources are a really simple list of tools and resources that will help get you started. You can get carried away when it comes to starting your business with all the different tools but if you keep it really simple and find your product market fit with some basic tools from the above resource list then your startup will be able to hit the ground running, raise some capital and start to build out a more sophisticated platform with some guidance from a CTO or external adviser.

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