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Bridging the Gap Between Architecture and UX

Video Summary

Most companies will focus a large portion of their SEO strategy purely on the creation of new content. This works well but it often results in neglecting many wins that can be had with existing content. Matthew will be exploring new ways of thinking on restructuring site architecture, making gains through consolidation (not creation), and realigning user experience to increase organic traffic. All of this will be presented with real examples, data, and stories that won't be shared anywhere else.


Director of Acquisition Marketing at HubSpot ($HUBS), a NYSE listed SaaS business operating in several locations around the world. Alongside this, I'm an advisor to a number of startups and large SaaS businesses, an investor, lecturer, and global speaker. Also the co-host of The Decrypting Crypto Podcast.

Currently focused on a number of emerging trends, including blockchain/crypto, AI, messaging and chatbots.

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