Content creation: From idea to your screen


I'm an actor/writer/director, best known for TV work such as "I'm Alan Partridge"​ and "The Day Today", and, recently, for co-writing The Death Of Stalin​. Having spent far too much time on Twitter (I now have 310K followers and counting - not that I'm counting), I was one of the founders of THAT LOT (, who have quickly become a major player in social media content and strategy for brands and businesses. This means that when I'm tweeting about the X-Factor I can now genuinely say it's for work.

That Lot provides thumb-stopping content (yes, I used the word "thumb-stopping") for brands, businesses and broadcasters such as Channel4, B&Q, Jamie Oliver, Big Bus Tours etc: tone of voice, strategy, paid social, video, design, live, branded content, workshops and talks, we do it all. We give workshops and consult for advertising agencies, brands, and media outlets as well as to individuals like my plumber.

I also give talks at conferences and after-dinner speeches ranging from out-and-out comedy to keynote speeches with hints and tips on how to cut through on social.

Here's a nice thing the head of Twitter said about me:

"We've worked closely with David for a long time. Not only is David one of the most authentic and entertaining voices on Twitter but he also has a singular ability to communicate this skill to others. He has spoken at a number of our events where he managed to be the top rated speaker. He's also bloody funny".

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