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Developer Thinking for SEOs

Video Summary

Despite the huge shift to content marketing in recent years, the technical end of SEO has gotten increasingly complex and our tools are not keeping pace. As SEOs, we must develop strong working knowledge of the optimal usage of technology to get implementations accomplished. In this talk, Mike will walk through case studies, the impact of different technical implementations, and how to pull together small solutions when nothing on the shelf works for your needs.


Mike King , iPullRank

I am a Marketing Technologist. Equal parts marketing and technology. I lead an agency called iPullRank and we specialize in Content Strategy, Audience Research, Social Media, SEO, Predictive Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization and Marketing Automation.

In my previous roles at a number of network and mid-tier agencies I led the expansion of enterprise SEO and digital strategy offerings as well as in-house marketing initiatives. I led the Strategy and Marketing teams thus covering Market Research, Social Strategy, Content Strategy, Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing and on-page SEO. As an SEO and Inbound Marketing industry thought leader I’m also involved in the development of new strategies and tactics that are used the world over. Specifically I’ve helped popularize the audience focused SEO and developed methodologies for granular measurement and dynamic targeting using Social Media data.

I have a background in both web (presentation layer and back-end) as well as software development. My development travels started me at Microsoft as a Webmaster and led me to smaller startups such as DigitalPersona and WildTangent doing QA Test in different capacities. After years of doing both full-time and freelance development I was introduced to SEO and sharpened my skills at small agencies and on an in-house team. From there I was lucky enough to land a role as an analyst at the prestigious Razorfish working on Fortune 500 clients such as Ralph Lauren, ADT, State Farm, Hawaiian Airlines, T. Rowe Price, Citibank, and a host of pharmaceutical brands. After that I moved onto Razorfish’s sister agency Publicis Modem where I built the SEO capability from infancy and led several wins for LG, Citibank, and host of General Mills and Sanofi Pasteur brands.

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