Does the convenience of new technology involve a tradeoff with privacy?

Video Summary

President of the American Civil Liberties Union Susan Herman, Director of Europol Robert Wainwright, and one of the earliest internet pioneers Jon von Tetzchner reflect on the trade-offs between convenience and privacy in the name of technology.


Jon von Tetzchner is co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, the company behind the Vivaldi web browser and other services for the web’s most demanding and savviest users. He co-founded Opera Software where he served as CEO for 15 years. Jon steered Opera from a small basement nook shared into a global company with more than 900 employees in 13 countries. Under his leadership, Opera was an early pioneer in mobile web browsing and more than 350 million people used Opera to enjoy the web on their terms.

Jon is now steering Vivaldi which was came out with its final version in April 2016. He and his team are making a personal and a feature – rich browser that takes into consideration the needs of every user. Vivaldi is self-funded and aims to be this way where the employees hold equity.


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