eCustomising your fashion look this season

Video Summary

Jose Neves is the definitive Portuguese retail mogul of his generation. As continues to grow and expand rapidly, Jose will share how he has e-customised his fashion business strategy for all seasons.


José Neves was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1974.

José started coding when he was 8, as so often happens this was because the ZX Spectrum his parents gave him for Christmas didn't come with any games.

Over the years, programming became a passion, and José became proficient in C, C++ and launched his first technology company in 1994, while still studying Economics at FEP (Porto).

José decided to also try his luck in shoe design, having launched Swear in London in 1996.

In 2001, José launched the B Store brand and in 2006 this project received a British Fashion Award.

All these years, technology and fashion continued to be José's two passions.

In 2007, José Neves came up with a new idea which merged fashion with technology.

Struck by how many amazing curators and creators of fashion have a global appeal and how, at the same time, it is so difficult for them to tap the online sales channel, José thought that if he could unite under one roof the most inspirational brands and boutiques of the world, this would immediately make available an unrivalled range to global consumers, whilst giving these tastemakers a win-win business opportunity.

Enter Farfetch... is a third model in e-tail. It is not a pure e-tailer, or a marketplace, but rather an omni-channel platform for a network of the best high-end brands and retailers, worldwide.

Over the years Farfetch has become the #1 destination for high-end fashion offering the world's Greatest Selection of Luxury.

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