Every bit counts: Connecting an all-electric planet

Video Summary

Big successes often follow failure. Only those who persist and learn from their mistakes can turn businesses around. This holds true for Siemens in the wind business. The company today is driving decarbonisation and the fight against climate change. While the age of fossil fuels ends, more challenges lie ahead, such as power outages. Paradoxically, technology is responsible for the growing problems. To save the planet we need a full-blown all-electric approach. The only solution to this dilemma is digitalisation. Every bit counts to save our planet.


We live in an energy world that is undergoing a fundamental transformation – from central to decentral, from analog to digital. Siemens is optimally set up to help shape this digital revolution and, in doing so, also reinvent itself again. I’m looking forward now to being part of this development. My goal is to draw on my know-how and experience to lead our customers’ energy systems into a new era of greater efficiency and sustainability. The upheaval in the global energy system is in part also being driven by the rapid growth of Asia’s population and economy. So along with focusing on the digitalization of the energy system, I’ll also concentrate on the Asian region. I’m convinced that the major global challenges will ultimately be answered in this region – which makes it so exciting and so open to innovative technologies.

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