Five tech-based solutions helping to end world hunger by 2030

Video Summary

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest provider of humanitarian food assistance, with a budget of $5 billion per year and 15,000 staff members in over 80 countries. Director of Innovation at the WFP, Robert Opp shares with us five tech-based solutions that will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal to end hunger by 2030.


I believe we can accelerate our response in tackling humanity’s greatest challenges such as poverty and hunger by harnessing the power of innovation and technology and building more effective and adaptable organizations.

I am a versatile leader with two decades of international experience in delivering transformative change in the public and private sectors across five continents. I work in this space because of the incredible potential to have impact peoples’ lives.

I am highly focused on results and have a verifiable track record in nurturing innovations, building partnerships, developing strategies and policies, and driving greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. I love building and managing high performance teams. I have a deep understanding of diplomacy and the inter-governmental system as well as a natural aptitude in ‘translating’ between the private and public sectors. And I am known for taking on big challenges with impossible timeframes.

Currently, I lead the Innovation and Change Management Division within the United Nations World Food Programme, the world’s largest provider of humanitarian food assistance with a budget of US$5 billion per year and 15,000 staff members in over 80 countries. WFP works in some of the most complex and difficult operating environments on the globe.

At WFP, I am responsible for leading major innovation and change initiatives that improve WFP’s impact and contribute to ending global hunger. Examples include building a ‘Zero Hunger’ innovation accelerator with an operating budget of over $5 million/year and creating an award-winning crowdfunding smartphone app (ShareTheMeal) that has raised over $6 million for hungry children worldwide. We are actively exploring technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology in connection with WFP's mandate.

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