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Fundamental Principle of Growth: Efficiency = Progress / Effort

Video Summary

Tactics change year to year in this industry. The fundamental principles don't. After 2 successful startups and investing in over 150 startups, this is the main lesson learned. Every startup has limited budget, people and resources. How you choose to spend these precious resources determines if you can achieve enough traction to survive. Key Takeaways: * Analyze what is the next number in your business model that needs to be tested or improved * How much can you afford to risk on each experiment? * Framework for focussing on what matters


Will Bunker is a Founding Partner of GrowthX, and has made it his life’s mission to help other entrepreneurs succeed in developing companies, as well as guiding them to achieving their goals. Before co-founding GrowthX, he raised and led the Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate, and was also a selling founder of One-and-Only.com, which was later sold for 47 million dollars and rebranded as Match.com. As an investor in more than 150 start-ups, Will’s skills and experience in connecting people have allowed him to build a global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

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