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Genius is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

Video Summary

Conferences often bring us great speakers who inspire and lift your spirits, but then Monday comes. The notes get stored in a drawer, or in the depths of Evernote. This presentation will help you prioritize what we learn and how to change your habits to make these things a part of how we do our jobs. Wil will share struggles with scaling process at Seer, and what he's doing about it, specifically in how to pitch ideas. Seer is seeing more buy-in with its new system and Will is going to share the learnings with you.


I started working in the Internet marketing space in 99 with a firm named NetMarketing.

I love using the web to do marketing, I love doing that for great companies, and I love doing that with a team of caring and awesome people. That's all. I'm a simple guy, a guy who loves his job, his clients, and his team.

Knowing that we do no outbound marketing for ourselves means that our clients stick and in theory they are our sales force, that is what I am most proud of. The thing I am equally as proud of? Our track record of helping our team to grow professionally and personally at SEER. From fun trips like six flags or sushi making classes to professional development like classes on organizing and prioritizing to industry conferences (we have sent most people to once conference every 12-18 months with many going to 3-4 a year) all over the country and the world.

Today we work with clients large and small, established to emerging, domestic to international.
If you are reading my profile and are interested in working with us, please hit me up, I'd love to chat with you.

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