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Get Their Attention: Extreme Data Viz Makeovers

Video Summary

Are your executives and clients falling asleep during your testing presentations? Chances are your slide design and data visualisations are obscuring your valuable insights. Lea will take you through her four-step proprietary PICA methodology for creating slides and data visualisations that effectively communicate your data story and informs decisions. Using live examples, she will arm you with a solid framework for assessing the effectiveness of all your future data visualisations to create the impact you’re looking for. She'll also give a sneak peek at several up-and-coming chart types that you won't find out of the box in any data viz tool.


Join my Present Beyond Measure data storytelling, analytics, and presentation community over at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12122795*

I deliver live and virtual data storytelling and visualization training workshops and speaking engagements to digital analytics and marketing practitioners, SEOs, SEMs, CROs, and solo consultants who are interested in turning bored stakeholders and clients into raving fans.

I'm a digital marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the e-commerce, publishing and finance categories. I've specialized in web analytics, voice-of-customer, SEO/SEM, and e-commerce merchandising and have a deep working knowledge of Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and ForeSee as well as Tableau data visualization software.

But my greatest passion is helping others in my field learn the tools to present their story and data more effectively to inspire the action they're looking for.

That's whether presenting to a small internal team or a large industry conference audience.

I'm the unapologetic and slightly irreverent voice behind LeaPica.com, an online destination to help you level up your presentation and data visualization skills and achieve the conference room glory you deserve.

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