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Hiring to win

Video Summary

Is a SaaS hire any different to any other hire? What is the optimum make-up of a winning sales team? Do you need to hire in your early stage with a longer term outlook? When do you make senior hires?


Polina Frolova Montano is a co-founder and Head of Global PR and Brand Marketing at JOB TODAY, Europe's leading mobile hiring app that helps businesses find staff in 24 hours.

Since launch in 2015, the company attracted over four hundred thousand businesses to the platform, processed over 100 million job applications, and brought on board world-class investors such as Accel, Mangrove, Felix, and Flint.

The talented team at JOB TODAY, headquartered in the beautiful City of Luxembourg, is making progress towards achieving its dream: build a place where 100 million people come every single day to make their lives better. If you'd like to join us on this mission, please get in touch: work@jobtoday.com.

Polina fits the description of a serial entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding JOB TODAY, Polina was active in Retail industry, she has 14+ years of international experience building and growing her own companies: from a fashion store to a chain of petrol stations.

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