How to be a winner

Video Summary

Business is all about winning: winning that next round, beating the competition and constantly innovating. In this panel we'll be discussing what it takes to get ahead - and stay ahead.


Curt is a lifetime learner, entrepreneur, creator and Innovator. As he grew from a small town upbringing, to a career decorated Navy SEAL, to a renowned entrepreneur, coach, motivator, and business mentor, Curt learned that people always do the best they can with the resources they have. His purpose is to use that knowledge to rapidly understand any environment and then empower others to shift their view of themselves and their situation to transform opportunity into reality. His passion is to solve problems and break down barriers to create possibility, drive unparalleled execution, and ignite the human spirit to achieve exceptional performance.
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
During more than a decade of combat operations to eighteen countries throughout the PACIFIC and CENTCOM areas of operation, Curt led the nation’s Premier SEAL assault force and lived the wisdom of that proverb. He maximized strategic, operational, and tactical effectiveness by forging unique and unlikely alliances that leveraged the strengths of each individual while compensating for any weaknesses. These experiences reinforced his fundamental belief that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information; rather, it is the unparalleled power of an aligned team.
From academics to capital management, dramatic arts to manufacturing, and peak performance coaching to technology; Curt has now expanded his expertise to diverse industries and situations. As a Navy SEAL, Curt was often on the reactive side of problem solving. Today he is focusing his efforts on the proactive side of infinity by enabling individuals and businesses to see around corners and predict challenges and opportunities before others even know they exist, grooming the next generation of leaders, and solving multi-national problems with public/private partnerships.

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