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Illuminating Consumer Intent without old SEO Tactics

Video Summary

SEOs have historically focussed on tactics rather than strategy, for one important reason: search engines weren’t as sophisticated as they are now, so a tactical approach could be very successful. That's all changed significantly, with machine learning, marketers now face a multitude of new challenges to be successful in search. The days of simple ranking factors are over. Marcus' session will cover data-driven methods to illuminate consumer intention and content relevance, along with many new insights that can be used to create content that is more relevant and successful.


Big Data and stats geek, Founder and CTO of Searchmetrics, the leading international Search Analytics company.

My focus is software development and new technology. Always to be top of the notch with the software, team, motivation and spirit. Never to be a "me too" guy, always give new technology a try. Innovator and polarizing.

Specialties: SEO optimization and analysis, SEO strategy, SEO / Social analytics software, Team building, Product Management, Business Development, Big Data analysis, Business Intelligence

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