In blockchain we trust: Future potential uses of blockchain

Video Summary

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the way in which transactions and interactions operate. The technology underpinning Bitcoin has potential far beyond cryptocurrencies. This panel will explore the expanded uses of blockchain.


The ASQ Protocol is a decentralized solution for publishing, storing, sharing, engaging with and monetizing content.

We are building a decentralized content economy with a transparent incentive system that rewards creators in an open and transparent way and enables users to discover and engage with quality content.

- New revenue stream
Additional revenue from interaction with the content
- A safe environment
The user base belongs to the platforms. Partnership with the protocol doesn’t force you to share your
users with anyone
- Transitional content
The content created on your platform can be shared to the other ones thus increasing the viral growth and your overall presence

We live in “information era”. It is important to keep track of content quality and get rid of fake news and identities.
The protocol allows:
- Fair and transparent transactions for all stakeholders
- User reputation management implementation
- Necessary infrastructure for content storing

Product placement is one of the most popular routes for advertisers to integrate their brands within the content. The protocol opens a new way of interaction for brands and their consumers. Brands decide how to reward users for the interaction with their content.
- Your audience is your researcher
- Brands can directly interact with the consumers
- Live feedback on any product

The protocol’s efficient content metadata processing allows platforms to rapidly categorize and distribute new content through the appropriate communities and channels. This will eventually include the rapid inclusion of new content from other platforms.
Collecting metadata allows:
- Predictive analytics to advertisers
- Targeted audiences and tags
- Reward distribution rules

ASKfm and NING are the first ecosystem partners that together have more than 260million users.
We are focused to bring the adoption of blockchain technology to masses.

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