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Obviously Awesome

Video Summary

As marketers, we are often challenged with promoting products that customers simply don't understand - or worse, products that bore the heck out of people. Do you wish you could trade in your ordinary offering for something really amazing? April will show you the way to transform your tame, tiresome products into standout superstars. April will also share a set of case studies where she took undifferentiated me-too products and turned them into leaders by changing their context, along with a framework for doing this yourself.


I am an experienced startup executive with a deep interest in how companies bring new offerings to market and get them into the hands of customers that are willing to pay for them. I have deep expertise in Market Positioning and have launched 16 products into market. I have experience creating new markets, expanding markets and positioning new products in existing established markets.

I've held executive roles in a series of successful startups as CEO, COO, VP Marketing and VP Marketing and Sales. I've also held executive roles at global companies such as IBM where I launched and grew a new product division.

I've done fundraising for several startup, and have worked through acquisitions both on the buy and the sell side. I have acquired a SaaS business and have been an angel investor in several startups.

I am an active mentor and in particular am currently mentoring a number of founders and high-potential employees. I am an active mentors with several startup incubators.

Lastly, I am an accomplished public speaker and in the past year have spoken at more than a dozen conferences focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing. I am currently completing a book on positioning titled, "Obviously Awesome - How to Stand out in Noisy Crowded Markets".

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