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Optimise Sales Rep 1-1s & Team Meetings to Maximise Results

Video Summary

Optimising 1 on 1 team meetings, time management, meeting management, discipline before, during and after meetings and how to optimise the process for new hires as well as learning the steps required once onboarded to accelerate their productivity within the sales team.


On a lifelong mission investing in inspiring, switched-on, high-effort professionals & businesses around the world that are solving global, meaningful problems. There are 7 principles that I believe in deeply & use to make this mission achievable: 1. Priorities - Accurate priorities & congruent time management are everything. 2. Time - Every minute of the day counts. Time spend = a reflection of your priorities. 3. Confidence - Believe in yourself. Confidence sells & can overcome lack of skill or ability many times. 4. Curiosity & Learning - Be curious & learn perpetually. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Genuine curiosity breeds lifelong learning. 5. Passion - Live & work with passion, enthusiasm, and the willingness to help others. 6. Inspiration - Be the person that inspires you. Others will be inspired & follow you. 7. Effort - Effort is the great equalizer. It's one of world's move valuable currencies. It requires zero talent. Worked around the world with 3 of the fastest growing tech businesses of all time - @LinkedIn, @Twitter, @Dropbox - as well as many ambitious startups. While building & leading high performing Sales & Marketing Engines responsible for every major market in the world - managed 150+ sales reps, 80+ countries across 6 continents, 20+ languages, 850+ interviews, 120+ hires, generated $175M+ sales pipeline, and $45M+ revenue - I've developed an expertise in 3 core areas: 1. Building World-Class Sales & Marketing engines (people, process, metrics, tools, etc.) at high-growth SaaS businesses across all major growth phases (product-market-fit, scale, hyper-growth, and optimisation) and capital raise rounds (FFF/Seed/A/B/C/D/IPO). 2. Consulting & coaching high-growth tech businesses on Sales, Marketing, and international expansion & growth strategies. 3. Coaching switched-on leaders to reach their performance potential + achieve their ambitious team building, people management, operational excellence, and career goals.

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