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Performance-Driven Design: A Framework for Creating Awesome

Video Summary

Well-designed email drives performance for brands, demanding more clicks and conversions. But many marketers believe that good design requires innate talent, a fancy degree, or technical HTML skills. In fact, anyone can learn performance-driven design concepts that drive strategy and encourage subscribers to take action. In this session, we'll break down the design process, exploring the use of whitespace, content hierarchy, color, images, and more. We'll explain how marketers of any skill level can learn basic design principles, using these foundations as a framework to create effective communications and demand better performance from their email program.


When I joined Litmus as their first marketing hire in 2010, content marketing wasn't "a thing" yet, but we started doing it anyway, and it worked. Content marketing has propelled Litmus to $49M in first round funding from completely bootstrapped (and profitable) beginnings. And we did it all without a traditional sales team or a single cold outreach campaign.

I've worn just about every hat you can wear at a small B2B software company. I've put my design degree to use by laying out brochures and flyers, answered customer support tickets, led product strategy, organized six profitable conferences, and written hundreds of posts and articles. Content marketing continues to propel Litmus’ growth and is the primary focus of my team of seven today, driving nearly 2.2 million page views to the Litmus blog in 2015.

In 2015 I was named "Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year" by the Direct Marketing Association, and can humbly boast that I've been quoted in publications like Fast Company, MarketingSherpa, ClickZ, and Smart Insights.

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