Search term-based strategies for Google Shopping

Testing Strategies for Paid Search

AdWords for lazy guys

Introducing StackScape

A new way to search and select the best tools for PPC & CRO to fit your needs.

Psychology + Data + Experiments = One killer combo.

John Ekman is one of the highest rated Conversion Optimization specialists in the world.
He will show how you can understand what happens in your customers brains. Then prove those theories with hard data. And, finally, launch successful experiments which takes your online business to the next level.

AB testing – Better results faster

How to turn that ad clicker into a customer?

A full session of hands-on tips to turn every web page into a conversion machine. On any device.
They will analyze every element of a typical landing page (header, photo, design, text, call-to-action, usp’s, …). And they will show you the do’s and don’t, not based on gut feeling or opinions, but real-life examples.
What’s unique about this masterclass is that you’ll get insights in the data and tools Karl and Els use to identify the problems. And how they came up with the ideas that improved the conversion rates of those landing pages.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Remarketing for eCommerce using the AdRoll Platform, Send Roll & Ping Roll

With over 25,000 customers in more than 100 countries, AdRoll is the world’s most widely used “real-time bidding” retargeting platform. Get an in-depth look at results from targeted integrated eCommerce campaigns using all of AdRoll’s tools.

Write your ads with reviews 

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