Transparency, Decision Science and the Future of Sales

The future of sales is radically transparent. Are you ready?

While buyers today already do most of their information gathering before they have their first conversation with a seller, there’s a new category of information proliferation requiring a change in the sales conversation – feedback on our products and services. It’s easy to find, and it’s a requirement for the buying brain.

We’ll take the latest insights from decision science and merge them with a broader understanding of consumer influence, to find that the answer might just be to teach salespeople the opposite of what we’ve historically taught them to do.

Is the Salesperson Disappearing?

Tim Sullivan will illustrate the most important changes in B2B buying, driven by the rapid rise of buyer empowerment. These changes create threats, but also opportunities, for sales organizations. Digital technology now provides sales teams with the ability to get ahead of these changes. Sales teams who understand the urgency to adapt, as the traditional roles of salespeople decline, will be equipped to outperform in the markets in which they compete.

To Challenge or Not to Challenge – Differences Between Acquisition and Expansion Messaging

Challenging prospects is a proven way to get them to do something different. But what about when it’s time to renew your customers or convince them to expand the relationship?

Join Tim Riesterer, co-author of The Three Value Conversations, as he explores science-backed messaging research that reveals when you should deploy a disruptive message and when you should throttle back. These studies help you tell the right story for the right buying situation—and leave behind the one-size-fits-all approaches and sales methodologies that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to:

-Disrupt status quo bias when you need to win new business
-Reinforce status quo bias when you need to keep and expand with existing customers
-Break free from one-size-fits-all approaches to the customer conversation and get more situationally fluent with your sales messaging and skills.

Transform Your Sales and Marketing Organizations to Scale Success

To scale sales success, organizations need to consider not only the sales organization, but also how sales collaborates with marketing, and how both teams are supported with enablement and technology. This session outlines a step by step approach to modernize sales by leveraging investments in operational systems and incrementally improving customer-facing experiences, organizational priorities and investments, collaboration between sales and marketing, and sales enablement.

From Information to Action: The Future of Sales Enablement

B2B selling is in challenging times. The path to purchase is taking longer and deals are getting more complex. The modern seller is challenged with engaging buyers who are more knowledgeable and more demanding. In this keynote, Showpad founders PJ Bouten and Louis Jonckheere will share original research on the expectations of today’s buyers and define the future of sales enablement.

Ready, Set, Grow: How to Build Content and Training Programs for Sales Success

Onboarding sales teams and keeping them current is not a job for the unprepared. An even bigger challenge is developing, delivering, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date content for a wide range of audiences. Our expert panel will share tips they uncovered as they set out to tackle problems like rapid onboarding, adoption, and balancing types of content, with the ultimate goal of turning sales reps into top performers.

How B2B Buyers are Redefining Sales Enablement

Everyone knows that B2B buyers have changed dramatically, but there are a lot of conflicting interpretations regarding how and why. What’s clear, however, is that modern sellers need to adapt to these changes and up their game. To meet the requirements of today’s buyers, sellers and marketers need to work in concert and take a data-driven approach to collaboration.

Join Forrester Principal Analyst, Mary Shea for this keynote, as she shares new research and addresses:

· Modern Buying: What today’s B2B buyers want

· Modern Selling: How B2B sales reps must engage

· Bonus: How winning sales organizations operate

Revolutionizing Buying-Selling Experiences with Innovation

Driving Disruption – Fresh approaches to growth, innovation, and transformation

In the complex and competitive arena of sales enablement, why do some organizations soar while others get passed by? In this inspiring and actionable session, 5-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and venture capital investor Josh Linkner delivers a systematic approach to fully embrace – and drive – transformation. You’ll walk away energized and armed for battle with new mindsets and tools that will fuel sustainable success. Surprising, hilariously funny, powerful, relevant, and memorable, this interactive session will help you enjoy measurable results and seize your full potential.

One Size CAN Fit All: A Fireside Chat with GE Healthcare

Imagine your products range from contrast media agents to an entire factory. How do you build a sales enablement strategy that will serve such diverse sales teams, including those operating in a highly regulated environment? Join this session to learn how to gain sponsorship, collaborate with peers, build a case and win adoption for a single strategy that solves a wide range of sales enablement needs.

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