See you later, steering wheel!

Video Summary

The CEO of Swedish electric car company Uniti, presents, for the first time, a novel way of operating a vehicle that does not require a steering wheel and pedals, while keeping the driver in full control. Perhaps it's time for the steering wheel to meet its end?


I just want to make a meaningful contribution to our civilisation.

Feel free to add me, and sorry if I'm slow in replying sometimes!

At Uniti I do a bit of everything. I love designing products that fit where the market wants to go, am a technology generalist, and for some reason I'm drawn to the 'too hard basket'.

I have appeared in media globally, including Forbes, Futurism, The Guardian, CNBC, CNN, Business Insider and many more.

I am also a regular inspirational speaker for companies such as Sony, King, IKEA, Siemens and many more, and am a regular keynote speaker at conferences like Web Summit. I've held speeches in over 20 countries in the last two years alone, because I like sharing what I'm learning every day, and love to talk about what inspires me. My favourite topics include culture, design, tech, disruption, innovation, digitalisation, change management and whatever else I'm excited by.

I like doing business with flexible minded, high bandwidth people that are open minded, analytical and courageous.

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