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Andy Farquharson

Andy Farquharson

Sales Architect,

Hey there, I’m Andy. Great to e-meet you!

Throughout my life I have worn many professional hats across the globe from semi-pro rugby player, labourer, entrepreneur, executive assistant, factory worker to a sales & marketing executive at a publicly listed company and now assisting companies with their growth strategy. One thing that has inspired me every day is a love for making lasting and genuine connections with people of all walks of life.

In my early years in sales I was told that the key was to ‘close’ your prospect. It seemed dirty and disingenuous with many people encouraging shady tactics and tricks to get the customer to sign. There was nothing genuine or lasting about it.

Fast forward to today and the rise of the subscription economy has transformed the landscape for buyers and sellers. My approach to relationships and sales now aligns perfectly. Real value isn’t realised for the buyer or the seller company at the ‘close’. Genuine relationships need to be forged to ensure the long term success for the customer and their supplier.

I am excited to be partnering with Winning by Design who share the same values. Using the principles of honesty, integrity and trust they built their blueprints while working at the coal face, building 100+ sales organisations, which help companies create and implement a scientific framework for their reps to hang their personality art to create genuine connections at scale.

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