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Babak Hodjat

Babak Hodjat

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Sentient Technologies

* High-level practical-minded versatile entrepreneur technologist with extensive executive engineering management and leadership experience with a strong belief in and understanding of practical Artificial Intelligence.
* Currently founder and Chief Scientist of Sentient Technology (formerly known as Genetic Finance LLC), a Distributed AI Company.
* Previously founder and CTO of Mobileverbs, a SaaS platform for mobile marketing. Sold to iLoop Mobile.
* Previously the Senior Director of Engineering at Sybase iAnywhere leading Mobile
Solutions engineering including, the Avantgo Service, On-Demand Enterprise
Solutions and the Answers Anywhere product suite.
* Previously, co-founder, CTO and board member of Dejima Inc., Sold to Sybase.
* Primary inventor of patented agent-oriented technology applied to intelligent
interfaces for mobile and enterprise computing (later became the inspiration and basis for Siri).
* Served as acting CEO of Dejima for 9 months from October 2000.
* Led several large computer networking and machine learning projects at Neda.
* Actively advise several Silicon Valley start-ups on AI and ML related topics.
* Published scholar in the fields of Artificial Life, Agent-Oriented Software
Engineering, and Distributed Artificial Intelligence with more than 25 publications,
and more than 15 patents.
* Ph.D in Machine Intelligence from Kyushu University, Japan.

Specialties: Extensive executive engineering management and leadership experience with a strong belief in and understanding of usability and AI.
Hands-on software engineering experience including Java, J2ME, J2EE, C, C++, Pascal, Modula 2, Smalltalk, Prolog, Fortran, Assembly Language (Z80, 80×86, 68000, PDP-11), SOAP, XML, Ant, JavaCC, SQL, Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems, Speech Recognition Systems.

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