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Daniel Schreiber

Daniel Schreiber

Founder & CEO,

Daniel is a tech leader whose passion for innovation took him from startups to the Fortune 500 (and back again). As President of Powermat Daniel oversaw its transformation into an industry standard and a default feature in the world’s foremost smartphones (Samsung Galaxy), venues (Starbucks) and cars (GM). Prior to Powermat, Daniel served as SVP Corporate Marketing at Sandisk, with global responsibility for the company‚Äôs social media, press relations, 50 web and ecommerce sites and major rebranding. During the iPod’s heyday, Daniel served as SVP andGM of Sandisk’s Audio-Video business unit, attaining #1 market share worldwide after Apple, and outselling all other brands combined. Daniel joined SanDisk via the $1.6B acquisition of msystems, where he served as VP Marketing and BD. He was co-founder and CEO of Alchemedia Inc., a content security software company, and began his career as a corporate-commercial attorney.

Today Daniel is CEO & cofounder of Lemonade, the insurance carrier built on AI and Behavioral Economics.

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