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Karl Gilis

Karl Gilis

The G in AGConsult,

According to PPC Hero, I’m the number 3 most influential conversion expert in the world.

We grow your business by putting your customer first and increasing customer happiness. Always based on user research & facts. Because opinions are -well- just opinions.

We’re experts in user research, usability, information architecture and conversion optimization.

My mission in life is to cure marketeers and designers who take decisions based on gut feeling and opinions. Because this disease is costing companies tons of money. And it makes their clients unhappy.

I teach at several universities in Belgium and I’m a top-rated speaker at conferences all over the world. I spoke at +75 conferences in +23 countries since 2015. Some people call me the UX comedian.

Clients include: Carglass, Yoast, C&A, Coolblue, Engie Electrabel, AXA, Microsoft, Daikin, Tui, Kipling, Eastpak, Thomas Cook, Red Cross and many government institutions.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me in Namibia, in my kitchen, behind my camera or driving my Jeep.

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