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Kris Marszalek

Kris Marszalek

Monaco (Crypto)

As CEO, Kris is responsible for developing the long-term strategy and leading the development of the Monaco platform and delivering on the vision of Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet. In 2017, Monaco raised US$26.7m and is being rolled out in Asia, Europe, and North America in a bid to build the first global blockchain financial institution and consumer brand.

As a seasoned and passionate entrepreneur who had twice grown his companies from $0 to $100m in revenue, Kris is driven by his desire to build a product that users love and around it a world-changing company. Viewing blockchain and cryptocurrency as building blocks for innovation in the somewhat stagnant and not particularly customer-centric financial services industry, Kris co-founded Monaco with the mission to give everyone access to perfect interbank exchange rates and a chance to completely eliminate foreign exchange fees. Monaco users can send money instantly as well as buy and exchange cryptocurrency at the real rates and then spend it with a beautifully designed, premium Monaco Card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Prior to founding Monaco, Kris was Founder of BEECRAZY, a leading Hong Kong e-commerce platform sold for US$21m to iBuy Group in 2013, where he took on the position of COO and subsequently CEO. Prior to that, he was also Co-Founder and CEO of YIYI Hong Kong Limited, an innovative LBS mobile application and platform built in partnership with Aloqa which was subsequently acquired by Motorola in 2010.

Based in Hong Kong since 2003, Kris spends his free time trying to figure out where his toddler son is getting all his energy from.

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