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Manuel Silva Martinez

Manuel Silva Martinez

Managing Partner,
Santander Innoventures

Manuel is a Partner at Santander InnoVentures. Prior to joining Santander, Manuel spent nearly a decade at BBVA.

He was the founding member of BBVA Ventures (BBVA’s venturing arm) in late 2010 based in San Francisco, with focus on a variety of verticals (lending, new platforms, selected customer segments such as Financial Inclusion, Private Banking, etc.) and also oversaw activities in Latin America and Europe.

Prior to that, Manuel occupied positions in BBVA as part of the Corporate Development (M&A in Emerging Markets) and Innovation teams. Manuel Silva holds a BA in Business Administration from CUNEF (Madrid), an MSc in Political Sciences and MPhil in Development Economics from Sciences Po (Paris), and pursued PhD-level research on Chinese economy in Hong Kong and China.

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