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Tom Anthony

Tom Anthony

VP Product,

I’m Head of R&D at Distilled, where I lead the team building DistilledODN, the first SEO split-testing platform available publicly. Having conceptualised the product, I have then run the team being involved in all areas (development, sales, marketing, bizdev).

I also do a lot of research around the future of search, and work with Distilled’s consulting team to ensure that the recommendations our team gives are forward looking. I also speak a a variety of conferences on the future of search.

By night I’m wrapping up a PhD in AI that utilises information theoretic techniques for understanding and developing adaptive agents. This work has touched on many areas, but of interest to my online work has been the work I’ve done using Graph Theory – the area of maths that drives the core of Google’s algorithm.

Specialties: Inbound Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Development, Machine Learning

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