Video Transcript

In early 2016, I was meeting my mentor on the deck of his holiday home in Blairgowrie, Victoria to present my ideas for a national expansion of my 15 year old marketing consultancy. We’ve delivered some incredible results since 2001, with over $2b in sales growth for our clients across 20 different industries. A slew of awards and five books on marketing strategy for SME’s. Some would be happy with this, but I’m a restless individual and I want to make a bigger difference to people, and the community.

My mentor suggested something in that meeting that would become the kernel of an idea that changed my thinking 180 degrees. He said to me “have you ever thought of bringing some mature age people into your network” – my response was I’d take anyone who fit the profile of my ideal advisor/licensee.

Anyway I took my notes away and starting adjusting my business plan and pitch.

Within 3 weeks I had pivoted the entire business towards a mature age focus after researching the dire state of this age group in relation to employment and productivity in Australia. An age group (45-64 by definition) that were being made redundant at a faster rate than any other age group, who took twice as long to find a job, where 27% had suffered overt age discrimination.

The one positive from my viewpoint was that thousands of them were deciding to start their own business or to take on portfolio work to solve their financial struggles from not finding jobs. Another cohort were those disenfranchised by a workplace where a focus on young, vibrant cultures and tech and a bias that ‘old people’ arent tech savvy was adding to this movement in our culture.

I decided the area I could help in, and build a strong profitable business, would be in helping these individuals to start and run a successful business.

Through surveys of over 10000 business owners over that last 10 years, I already knew the challenges existing business owners face in running a business. Most SME business owners are technical specialists – but they lack the general management, strategy and marketing skills required of every business.

And so within days of meeting my mentor, I was in the offices of the Human Rights Commission with a loosely planned idea to change the lives of mature age aussies through business ownership.

In the last 24 months, I’ve written a 270 page book – Generation Experience – developed a range of blended learning programs for business owners on the eight key skills they need to be successful – sold a version to a major financial services company as our first deal, written over 100 articles and blogs, and developed an international network of interested individuals who share my passion about the importance of this age group’s productivity – not just for themselves, but entire economies.

Join us on the journey as we deliver billions of dollars of economic impact by changing the lives of thousands of mature age individuals in western cultures across the globe.