Video Transcript

It took a while to find the right name for my new book. This 270 page book will be launched in February 2009, and I’m more excited by this one than any since my first book in 2009.

The reason is the burning passion to make a social difference to mature individuals starting their first business in their 40’s – helping them find a productive outlet that secures their financial future and that of their family. Along with individual and family security, the deployment of productive people into the economy – whether as workers or business owners – is critical for the prosperity of our entire economy.

There are a lot of opinions thrown around about mature people – they are inflexible, they can’t learn technology, they are expensive.

But what many corporates and recruiters have failed to realise is the value of experience.

Many people in this age group carry tremendous wisdom and experience around with them that can deliver a value far beyond their role in a business.

And so, it just had to be Generation Experience as a title.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.