Video Transcript

So I am blogging for the first time.

What am I blogging about you ask?

This blog is about having a great idea and the painful birth of it.

Often many every day folk like you have I have great ideas especially when you encounter a problem or while the brain is idle. This birth of this preconceived idea usually sounds like “This situation sucks! If only….” Or “Wouldn’t it be nice if…….”

Sometimes this preconceived idea is excellent and has genuine value but most times, it’s just a brain fart. Nonetheless, the majority of us dismiss these ideas as a passing thought. Who knew that 2.5years later, the thought that I once had and repeatedly dismissed would finally reach it’s incubation period and the pains of labour would burst forth whether or not I liked it.

It wasn’t until life told me I wasn’t in charge and sometimes a greater power has to take its course that the birth of my startup came to be. March 2016 I had daily eye pain; at first I boiled it down to bad luck and just making excuses for my daily pain. I kid you not, this pain would last for anywhere between 2-3 hours from the moment I opened my left eye. After putting it off for 3 weeks, I decided to seek advice from my local optometrist who then referred me to the emergency hospital, who then referred me to a specialist, who then referred me to Melbourne’s “best” ophthalmologist. To which then, I referred myself to the best ophthalmologist according to whirlpool forums Dr. Sebban in Darlinghurst Sydney.  I could not take pain any longer and I gave up on listening to Melbourne ophthalmologists who only told me to wait and see if things got better. I finally took things into my own hands, I booked in for surgery, I flew to Sydney, I had surgery, I came out medicated and unable to remember anything for 2 days, and on the third day, when I opened my eyes, I began seeing the world differently.

I was told I had corneal basement membrane dystrophy. WHAT? It’s hereditary? But no one in my family has had these problems. Why me?

I finally had my life back after 6 months of daily pain. What do I want to do with my life now? Go back to work and pretend like nothing happened? Or do I want to take control of my life again? I recalled that genius problem solving idea I had 2.5 years ago but is that something I really want to chase? What about helping the insecure girls who are seeking plastic surgery in Korea? What about starting my own Youtube channel show casing my soft toy collection? What about sharing all my health, beauty, and fitness tips? I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life.

December finally crept around and my cousin from America came to visit. His great success in real estate peaked my partner’s interest. He shared his ideas with us and said that if my partner seeked success then he should seek orthodoxy. Orthodoxy you ask? God. The beginning and end. The creator and destroyer. Ya dee ya da. We both grew up in Christian households but we were not religious. I’ve always liked the idea of God, but I’ve never liked his people.

So since Christianity came after orthodoxy, we had to go back to the roots of the church; the Jewish community. I have tried to get my partner to go to church before and always failed. I was part reason as I usually spent my time there sleeping on his manly shoulders.

This time it was different. This time I felt a cause and a certainty of why we were there. We were seeking teaching, mentorship, and life direction. We had an option of trying a different church on Sunday to see which one we liked better but we decided to put faith into play and haven’t the need to try a different church since.

Shabbat has been good to me. Things seem to click and connect every time I attend Shabbat. I realised that the big question of what I should be doing with my life now has to do with helping people. And how can I help you ask? I can help with that ground breaking idea I had 2.5 years ago which will solve many problems of the working girl.

I then started my journey to what you will find this blog to be about. How I am getting from zero, to having a start-up, to creating my MVP, to raising funds for my cause, and to see whether or not I succeed or fail.

You are hereby invited to join me on this journey as I blog about the challenges I have faced and how I have overcome them. There is more to come; there is a long road ahead. However, this time I am not alone; perhaps you too will be able to add your advice on how I can overcome future challenges as they arise.

Follow me on my journey of how I am breathing life into my startup.