Supercomputers in the sky

Video Summary

Drones are more than simply flying gadgets. They're sensors with wings, capable of creating 3D mapping and capturing data in the most hard-to-get-to spaces. Skycatch's CEO demonstrates his company's new platform, which makes it possible to facilitate deep learning from the sky like never before.


Christian Sanz, also known as Chris, is a Co-Founder of Geeklist Inc. and serves as its Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product. Christian Sanz is the original badass code monkey and passionate inventor of the Geeklist idea. He focuses his time on building out the product, coding like a madman and rallying geeks to join Geeklist initiative. He is a Co-Founder of Skycatch, Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Christian Sanz served as the Chief Technology Officer of Storify, Inc. Christian Sanz served as Vice President of Technology at Digital Entertainment Corporation of America. Christian Sanz served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Christian Sanz was responsible for leading Digital Entertainment Corporation of America's world-class technology team and providing technology solutions to meet its strategic business objectives. Prior to DECA, he served as Senior Director of Technology at Break Media, where he was responsible for managing its technical infrastructure and engineering/IT staff. Prior to Break, he served as a Senior Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Internet Group, where he led the design and development of high-profile projects such as AT&T Web Cents and Disney On MSN. Christian Sanz served at Disney Online, and Loopnet. Christian Sanz started his technical career in the United States Navy.

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