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The $2M Blog Post. How to create content that brings in book deals, speaking engagements, and millions of dollars

Video Summary

Visitors, social shares, time on page, bounce rate--are these the metrics you're using to track the success of your content? All of that may have its place, but Josh Steimle, who has written over 200 articles for publications like Time, Fast Company, Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, will show you how he created a single blog post that can be directly tracked to over $2M in revenue for his digital marketing agency. How do you like them metrics? In this session, you will learn how to: -- Create content that will target exactly the right customers at exactly the right moment -- Leverage one content success to another to quickly grow your personal brand -- Establish an influencer marketing program for your brand, using internal talent Those sitting in the first 50 seats near the front during Josh's presentation will receive a free copy of his book, Chief Marketing Officers at Work, which includes 29 interviews with CMOs from companies like GE, Target, Spotify, The Home Depot, and PayPal!


Hi, I'm Josh! Author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work and 300+ articles in Forbes, Fortune, Time, Mashable, TechCrunch, and more, TEDx speaker, event organizer, and executive coach (I help executives with personal branding and thought leadership), but I got my start as a struggling entrepreneur. In 1999 I founded MWI (mwi.com), a marketing agency which stumbled its way forward until 2013 when things took off. Today MWI has offices on three continents staffed by incredible people doing great work.

What was the secret sauce in our turnaround and current success?

First, I brought on a great partner, Corey Blake.

Second, in 2013 I began to write for Fast Company, then Forbes, and then more than 20 publications. That writing led to a book deal, speaking gigs worldwide, interviews on TV, radio, and notable podcasts, hanging out with Richard Branson on his private island (crazy story, I'll tell you all about it sometime).

After executives and entrepreneurs began to ask me to help them build their personal brands and thought leadership I launched Influencer Inc. My team and I provide one-on-one coaching (joshsteimle.com/coaching/executive-coaching) and host live events like Impact Summit, a 500+ attendee event in Salt Lake City on Oct 13th, 2018, check out www.influencerinc.co/impactsummit.

We provide other services as well including LinkedIn profile audits and rewrites (www.influencerinc.co/profileaudit) and turnkey, full service LinkedIn done-for-you (www.influencerinc.co/linkedin-dfy).

Originally from Los Angeles, I lived in Utah from '98-'13, then moved to Hong Kong, and then to Shenzhen, China in 2016. I'm also a husband, father, skater, Dinosaur Jr. fan, political news junkie, ultra trail runner, triathlete, committed advocate for adoption, and Mormon.

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