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The Latest Facebook Updates

Video Summary

Want to avoid getting crushed by Facebook's latest updates? Learn the latest must-know tips and strategies, and the NEW way to get 10-100x more value from Facebook. You'll learn it all from Dennis Yu that's managed more than ONE BILLION dollars in online ads. He'll dive into a step-by-step strategy that drove 29X return for the Golden State Warriors, generating 80 million reviews for only $500. And show you how to trick the new FaceBook algorithm to maximize your results. Attend this session, and surface with the FaceBook game plan that wins: -- What's up with Facebook? In A Nutshell -- 3X3 Video Grid Funnel -- How to use Facebook for a dollar a day -- Standards of excellence for Facebook


Dennis Yu is the CTO of BlitzMetrics. He is an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing, having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. He is also a regular contributor for Adweek’s SocialTimes column. Dennis has held leadership positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines. He studied Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and London School of Economics. Besides being a Facebook data and ad geek, you can find him eating chicken wings or playing Ultimate Frisbee in a city near you.

What you will learn?

  • How Facebook algorithm works
  • How to boost your content
  • How to effectively maximize existing content
  • Techniques to have evergreen content


[00:00:00] Dennis Yu: All right. So Heather and I have done this for like seven years Heather’s amazing. She’s at GoDaddy. She runs Community. I’m just tech support so you can ignore me. We were at Facebook yesterday. Oh not yesterday, the day before yesterday. I’m going to show you all the new things that they’ve been talking about beyond the technology FA kind of stuff.

Okay? Oh, this is Facebook Signal. This is all the new stuff that’s going on that I don’t think anyone here in this room has access to right? You might get that at some point. You can search by what’s going on. It’s anyway, let’s go to my Facebook and let’s talk about some of the things that are going on there.

So that’s business manager, there’s my feed. So, if you click refresh on that and you look at the notifications, Facebook’s algorithm is run by machine learning that determines what is relevant to me, based on what I’ve done, and based on what my friends are doing, and also with the Decay Factor. Those are the three main items Inside Edgerank. It is the same thing that is determining what is relevant to me on the ad side.

[00:01:09] Heather: Say those again, so they can hear them. What are those three things?

[00:01:11] Dennis Yu: It’s the same thing for Edgerank. I’m not even supposed to say that because Facebook gets mad whenever I write an article in Ad Week and I’ll say “Yeah Edgerank is based on the K relevancy and recency, but it doesn’t matter”. So, if you see what’s going on here and you click on notifications, for example. You can see that Facebook’s deciding of the 3,000 things that they could show me every day, they’re only going to show me 200 to 300 of them. Right and most people they log on to Facebook five times a day. So, they might consume things in Snippets of 10 or 15 items as they’re scrolling through the newsfeed. People scroll through newsfeed and consume content on mobile almost twice as fast as they do on desktop. Your content has to be able to adapt to people that are running twice as fast.

[00:01:54] So if you scroll through here or go to notifications, you’ll see that people will get notifications on people replying to your things. It could be groups. You see a lot more groups. You see people posting video. You see replies you’re going to see positive mentions as well. So if we scroll down a little bit further, oh, there’s a picture. But there’s someone tagged in it. Click on that. Someone tagged me. AJ and I, we were in Milan, was it just a week and a half ago? Talking about Facebook ads.

[00:02:19] Oh, there’s Mossimo, he’s not here today. He runs AdEspresso, you guys use AdEspresso? It’s a fantastic tool, right? I think it looks really awkward there. But that’s okay. We’ve done a bunch of these interviews. Now if you have things, this is organically for me, as a profile, but if you take something like this, if you have these customer moments where there’s something funny, it could be a video. Could be something that’s interesting.

[00:02:42] Sharing Comments on Other Pages

Maybe they say something positive. Did you know that you can share that to a page and boost it? Is anyone doing that? So, this just happened, click on share. And you can share now or share to a page or share whatever it is. That’s my timeline, but we’re going to say “Share on a page you manage”.

[00:03:00] Building Public Figure Pages

Last one but second the last one there and click on the drop-down now this is a little bit weird for us because we have lots of different pages. So let’s scroll down and let’s share to my public figure page. Got lots of these pages, see there’s me now, that looks like Dennis Yu and it is Dennis Yu as a Facebook page, not as a user profile. You guys know the difference? Your strategy today, is to create lots of public figure Pages for your top people influencers in a topic wheel. John’s doing this, Heather’s doing this, Ben’s doing this, Tanner’s doing this and then we’re going to say something interesting and you want to say something that’s not self-promotional like “Buy our software for half off” or something like that.

[00:03:40] Making Effective Comments

You can say “We love Mossimo”, please do not use hashtags on Facebook. This is not Instagram or Twitter. You can even say “LOVE” in all caps and tag him. And one of my other little secret is an exclamation point. I also like to use the feeling thing, because it looks like what a user would do, so you can say feeling happy or feeling blessed.

I find that if you use feeling angry or one of these other ones, people are intrigued, and they want to click on it. And when people click on “see more” and they want to see the rest of that post, then that counts as more Edgerank too. A lot of people don’t know what this is we’re talking about, the sharing of organic into paid.

[00:04:19] So it looks like a user. So, follow my Inception here click post. So we’re doing this actually on the Dennis Yu public figure page now, let’s go to my public figure page. Now this is me as a public figure. So don’t think like oh, I’m not trying to be Tony Robbins and trying to be famous. I’m just you know, marketing manager at some big company.

Who’s an agency by the way? Who is a business owner and entrepreneur? you guys? Okay, who has a small team less than 5? Your team’s less than 5. Oh my goodness. Yes, so you’re going to have to use this kind of manipulation Inception Cambridge Analytic style. No, I’m kidding. No, I’m actually not, because we’re going to show you the same techniques.

Now this is, you’ll see just like follow me here. This looks like it doesn’t make any sense. Josh knows what I’m talking about. This is how you create uproar like last night’s dinner. So this is my public figure page. This is a business page because I can boost things, because I’ve got analytics. Let’s scroll down to that. actually, you know, scroll up use business manager Ben’s really good. He’s been doing this long enough that he can keep up on these things. He’s wearing a Facebook shirt. He’s obviously competent [laughing] where else are you going to get that?

[00:05:23] Pseudo Remarketing

Now, scroll down to the post that we just made, and we’re going to boost that using inception. If you have saved audiences that are set up in advance, you can boost these posts. There it is. Click on the “Boost post” button. Oh look Mossimo already clicked like on it. What time is it in Italy, like 6 p.m. or something?

Now, there’s my favorite audience. The people who are interested. Click on the “more”, so you can see people who like digital marketer and social media examiner because we’re posting there all the time. We’re teaching courses. So, this is what we call pseudo remarketing, if people already know who you are, and then you hit that audience, you’re already getting a second touch even though it’s not technically remarketing off, of your email list, or people watched a video. You guys follow me? You see how that behaves like remarketing. You guys know how remarketing works. But it doesn’t require it to be remarketing because you can’t always track these people.

Now I like to do a dollar a day Facebook. By the way, I’m going to show you in their deck that we just got yesterday, they completely disagree with this technique and they get mad when I share it. But you know what, the Reps are compensated to get you to use certain features.

[00:06:28] Boosting a Post

If you guys have a Facebook rep, especially like in a partner level rep, their compensation is based on you using features. They’ve been pushing brand awareness to you guys you know for like a year. They’ve been living like pushing a lot of stuff which is not quite ready, right? Okay, so we’ve got a dollar a day for seven days, click “boost”.

And there it is. And now actually, what I could have done is on a saved audience, is I could have chosen people who are fans of AdEspresso. People who have watched a video of Mossimo and Heather, and I or you know, me and AJ talking about like whatever right.  This is what people don’t understand and so let’s exit out of there.

[00:07:05] Building a Content Library

And let’s look at my public figure page. Let’s just scroll through here and see some of these examples. So when you’re posting lots of Snippets, you’re creating frequent lightweight touches, which are actually the core of great relationships right? Great. If you look at couples, who have been married for 10 years, most of the touches are just lightweight on text, just a sentence or two, not some long white paper kind.  People don’t engage in the long white paper kind of format anymore. So, what you’ve got to do, is to adapt your marketing even though you’re a small team to generate many frequent lightweight touches, at different points in the funnel.

But I have a small team. I can’t do all this video Yeah, Dennis says all the stuff about video but he’s got MGM Grand and the Golden State Warriors and all these other guys as clients, who actually, do produce a ton of video. But how do I do that? Because I don’t have a videographer and I don’t have this kind of budget and all these excuses.

This is what you do. You use your fans to gather the stuff for you. So, let’s open a new tab, type Content Library. You’ll see our Google Doc content space Library. So, you’re going to create evergreen content in this Content Library? Oh, look, there’s the places we blog at, click on articles second tab there scroll down just scroll a few hundred down.

There’s tons and tons of these articles and videos and mentions. Let’s go to the other tabs. Let’s do a right arrow. Just keep going to more of these tabs on the far right. Okay, Blitzmetrics mentions or me, any of those? So, you can like click on any one of those, could be like Larry Kim.

[00:08:40] Just click on one, just to go to one of these links. So, we have thousands of these mentions that we collect for ourselves, that we collect for other people, that we boost from. Anytime we’ve got an article, we are putting that in the Content Library.

We’re attaching it to a public figure page. So, it looks like a person, and then we’re boosting it. We’re taking the remarketing audiences from the public figure pages and running them to the brand page. So, it simulates community interaction, right? Let’s go to Heather Dobson and her user and her public figure page.

[00:09:17] Hopefully, she’s been keeping up her one-minute videos, so it’s not embarrassing. Oh look one year ago today. Wow, that’s pretty cool when she ran social media at Infusionsoft and now she’s way bigger and more important than that.

[00:09:34] So imagine you could take the same message from the standpoint of being sent from the Heather Dobson public figure page. You understand this is her public figure page not her profile. So when you have messages here scroll down, let’s just look at the most recent one. She’s only got 2,000 fans, but that’s okay right?

[00:09:51] She’s amazing. Just okay, so she made a one minute. I’m excited to be at the Content Marketing Conference with the fresh presentation about building communities so should see her tomorrow at 11:50, you guys are going to see her tomorrow 11:50 right? Amazing. Don’t let me do all the talking. Let’s go up and see how that boosted post is doing.

[00:10:07] So 41 reach one day boost dark orange is the boosted post. People reaches 418. Let’s click on the left Arrow to see other things on the video. Let’s look at the analytics on the video on the video tab, you get two tabs only on video. Do you get two tabs? Besides that that’s how important video is to Facebook and you may have heard both Facebook say all videos.

[00:10:28] It’s important now like many new things come out like things are on sale. So they give you a boost but video absolutely if you drive engagement a view is worth a lot less than it used to be now. They’re actually requiring there to be engagement. Let’s click on the left Arrow from audience engagement to see more so you’ve got a 10 second average watch time, you know the averages on Facebook.

[00:10:48] It’s six. Six, so 10’s not bad 15 is amazing 20 is home run. Just put all your money on it right? Because then you want to remarket to 10 seconds. You do that when you create video remarketing audiences. You want to remarket to a 10 second view. Is anyone confused by what I’m saying there would like to see that. You guys are good?

[00:11:06] Okay. Awesome. You can see the videos 47 seconds. She’s got captions on automatically. How long did it take you to do this? How much effort did it take you to make this video? Click play? click play. So you can see right. Here. She is. Is it a professional camera is it whatever it is, right.

[00:11:22] There’s tools that will do this. Facebook’s created these kinds of things. So, when you get customers, partners, clients, staff, all these guys they are now incepted as your marketing team because this does not look like a commercial, but if it has the right message, you can remarket it from people who watched video number one on Heather to Go, Daddy. Sign up for domains, video number five or landing page number six or whatever other asset you want to put. Let’s open some of the documents I have. Not here, but I’ve got like five or six documents that are open alt-tab. Okay, let’s look at these other documents that are there. We’ve got a few of them.

[00:11:59] Why are we in this weird view? There’s like three let’s look at okay. Let’s find, we can use this topic. Scroll to the top. This is Brendan King. He is the CEO of VendAsta and VendAsta powers a lot of local media companies, Yellow Pages, newspapers all this right. So you take any one of your public figures.

[00:12:15] Oh by the way you have a template for this and you’ve got a little handout you want to organize everything into a 3 by 3. This is probably your biggest takeaway. You’re going to create nine videos or that could be nine pieces of content, and you’re going to organize them into the why, how, and what. That’s the top middle and bottom of the funnel, right? That’s awareness, engagement, conversion. Some people call that know, like, trust. Other people call it problem, reaction, solution. Either way, you’re bringing people down through a funnel. You’re going to hit them with your public figure Pages across the top in the blue if they watch any one of these ones on the top you’re going to remarket down.

[00:12:51] How do I get a little like red dot on this thing? I don’t know whatever, but you’re going to remarket into this middle layer anyone who engages with you in the middle layer. It could be like they collected an email address that came to the website. They watched a video for 10 seconds. Whatever it is. They rsvp’d for a webinar you’re going to, then remarket down into the bottom into the things that are already producing for you, and you’re going to use the same remarketing on Facebook as you do on Google. You’re going to put all of those remarketing pixels inside your Google tag manager in a single container. And then you have an evergreen funnel that is sequencing people all the way down. Just like you would sequence inside email is that not amazing? Nobody’s doing it, like we’ve done this hundreds of times. We’ve been yelling about this for years. You know, what most people do instead of doing this? I will get your question a second. You know, most people what they do, they move to a Content calendar.

[00:13:43] Content Calendar

Here’s the April content. Here’s the May content. You know June’s small business month. Oh, we got a Fourth of July sale. It’s ridiculous. You can still do a Content calendar, but what you want to do is put stuff in an evergreen funnel. You want to tell stories at the very top in a “Why” video, where customers are taught, not talking about your product but to talk about who they are. Your key people, people buy based on the why, Simon Sinek “Start with Why”. Then you share knowledge in the “How”, that knowledge is going to be evergreen.

[00:14:10] Greatest Hits

I bet you almost nobody here, is an industry where it’s changing so fast that the knowledge underlying how you do stuff needs to be changed or updated every week based on the content calendar. You guys are wasting time. You should spend 90% of your time putting stuff into this 3 by 3, which is your greatest hits. And then the “What” you’re selling stuff, you know how to sell. I don’t you tell you about how to sell stuff conversion optimization.

You got Justin Rondeau here. Good grief, I can’t compete with him, right keep going. So when you put the stuff into the video grid, this is the greatest hits. so Logan and I you know, we have MGM Resorts International. They own like half of Las Vegas, as a client it’s fantastic we get to go there, and go to the shows, stay at their, hotels eat their food. It’s amazing!

So, we went to a Guns and Roses concert. Axl Rose, he’s so old, “Welcome to the Jungle” that was 1987, that was 30 years ago. And you know, he would do a song and then he’d disappear for a few minutes and like Axle or what’s-his-face, Slash would do some guitar solo and he went behind the screen, to do oxygen, to like breathe oxygen and then do you remember, did you know that? He’s looking kind of old. Must have been a lot of drugs or something.

But those like well, you know “Sweet Child of Mine”, “Paradise City” all those songs were over 30 years ago as part of their greatest hits and they’re still making money on them now. You need to assemble your greatest hits and you can keep making money on them now. We could stop making content right now and our business would be the same because people would continue to be sequenced down that funnel and you want to think of Facebook with a level of granularity as your email engine, but you don’t have to collect their email because you have look-alike audiences because you have the engine that’s doing that work for you.

[00:15:46] Keep going.

[00:15:47] Heather:  I think that this is the biggest mistake that we, as content creators make is that we’re always thinking about creating new content instead of evaluating the performance of our existing content and refocusing on [inaudible] in that piece of content that we already have.

The Three Stages of the Funnel

[00:16:03] Dennis Yu:  So, remember we talked about the “why” the “how” and the “what”, the three stages of the funnel you guys have been beaten to death about this funnel idea, right? So what you do is you see on the outside here. The outside ring is you telling a bunch of one-minute stories and video trying to get as many 10-second view audiences as possible.

You want a 50% plus view through rate from a 3-second to a 10 second view of 50% view through rate from impression all the way. Most people, their average watch times is 6 seconds.  You’re not getting many of them. You’re getting like not even 10% of them down to a 10-second view. So, you telling stories out here and those kind of particular topics that you’ve tagged in your Content Library. If they trigger on any one of these videos, you’re going to show them another related video on that topic because you think maybe that’s the topic, but maybe it’s that person.

So then, if you also retarget them into another pool based on other videos that, that person has made, because you never know when it comes to Facebook or even like paid in general. Did they resonate because of the content, or because of the targeting? You don’t really know, so you have to test both angles at the same time.

If they start to resonate with that particular topic, because your remarketing them, because every video you can create a remarketing audience against that video. You cannot do that against a post. You can do it with a particular website URL, but it’s more expensive to get people to the website or to collect their email.

Then you’re going to remarket deeper from the topic. You’re going to remarket into what you’re selling. Right? So now you’ve got a three-stage funnel and you’re trying to suck everything down into the mothership. Your greatest hits are the nine items that are the most powerful. You’re constantly sticking things, spaghetti on the wall against this topic wheel to see what’s working. And if it’s working you’re going to extend for a dollar a day. So, remember we boosted a post just now, dollar a day, seven dollars. We’re going to check back on that in the week. And if the metrics look good if the cost per view is under 2 cents, if the average watch time is over 15 seconds. What are we going to do?

[00:17:53] Put more money on it. Now what happens if it sucks? It was only a video, only one post, it took us no effort at all. Right, you’re going to expect that 90% of your stuff sucks and you’re just going to have to deal with that. That’s how it is right. Be okay with that. Many shots on goal, right I suck at making free throws. That’s okay if I make one free throw and I win a million dollars or half-court shot at a basketball game but they allow me to have as many shots as I want with no risk. I’m going to do that. If only get one shot it’s too risky. Like I put all my production budget in like this one video, because I hired this agency, because I don’t want to take the risk. I’m going to have the agency take the risk.


[00:18:29] People with Authority

It’s way too risky. I’m relying upon one contractor to get me this one thing and everything else is holding. I don’t like that kind of risk in Social and we have lots of items. So, when you assemble these topic Wheels think about who these personalities are. It could be people in your industry that are high authority. And they don’t have to work for you right. Nowadays this is not like, you know, you own people. Everyone’s got their own brand and who is it, the company’s brand or your brand? I mean that’s a whole, another ethical discussion, but you build these things. In fact, it’s even better that they don’t work for you.

So, we have some friends of ours that now work at Facebook and have been very nice to us and we do webinars together with Facebook and this kind of thing. Now, what do you think has more authority, Heather and me interviewing our friend Kevin Cote who runs Global Sports Marketing at Facebook about “Hey, what do you think the latest things are going on in sports and what should sports teams do and all this? He used to run digital at the Warriors and he was kind of our guy so he’s always like saying things that are positive but he works at Facebook now. Actually let’s go to Kevin Cote. Let’s look him up right now. This guy ran digital at Facebook, for the last 10 years, no, I’m sorry at the Golden State Warriors, you know the basketball team that’s going to win the championships this year.

Somebody came up to me after we spoke at some conference. I think Heather was there and said they’re cynical. You know what the secret is, to doing really well in social media as an agency? Run the social for the number one sports team on the planet right now, like, you know, we actually did something. It wasn’t just because we’re doing it for the Golden State Warriors, right?

But there he is, and he has a lot of authority. Now do you think he has more authority when we boost a post around him as the guy at Facebook who’s in charge of all the sports teams globally, or if we made him an offer which we can’t because I know how much money he makes now on Facebook, because I helped him negotiate that. Then what do you think, over at Facebook and were boosting him, or we’re boosting him as a Blitzmetrics employee?

[00:20:21] Percieved and Implied Authority

What do you think has more authority? So yeah, so that’s what you want to do. And then look at how many mutual friends we have. Oh, well, that’s right. He doesn’t have many friends on this one. Let’s go back to our topic wheel, so who are the other people that you can incept? Maybe you can create public figure Pages for them. Maybe you can interview them and then because of their position it has more Authority for you. The implied Authority is always more important than the actual Authority which is the expertise, because the expertise is the “how” that you’re remarketing into. You must establish the perceived and implied authority first, which is what things like fake news and Cambridge analytics, and these things depend upon.

[00:20:56] So, when you build your topic wheel you have to decide which of these people on the outside do you know, “green checkmark” and you don’t, where you want to create a one-minute video. Maybe I want to be known in content marketing. So I’m going to interview Byron and do a one-minute video.

[00:21:14] Hey Byron, you got one minute? You’re not going to say no to a one-minute video right? And then I’m going to get that, and I’m going to put that into my network map. And maybe I sit down with Byron and we do a 20-minute interview about the future of content marketing because he’s assembled the world’s greatest list of content marketers, right. And of that 20- minute video, we’re going to cut that into one-minute snippets and then we’re going to boost from his page, from my page, from the brand page.

[00:21:37] I’m going to organize that into the why how and what of my brand and you’re going to constantly be thinking about why how and what for different personal brands for different pages and you’re going to put them into your topic wheel, right? Content libraries kind of the main repository into the topic wheel the best items out of the topic wheel I’m going to move into my 3 by 3. You guys follow me or is this all like to geeky?  You guys with me? Okay, keep going. So you keep figuring out what these topics are. LinkedIn, for example, let’s go to Safari and go to my LinkedIn. Alt+tab no Alt. No we are in Chrome now are we? Alt+tab, let’s go to Safari?

[00:22:16] Okay so that’s fine. Stay here. This is Logan’s LinkedIn, you know, the reason why I have multiple browsers open Firefox Safari whatever is because I’m logged in as different people. I’m always experimenting. So, now we’re logged in as Logan on LinkedIn. Now go to his profile or click on notifications.

[00:22:33] Facebook vs LinkedIn

Okay. So, let’s see comment on post that mentions you. See that second one. I said “no” to speaking. Click on that one. That was just like a day ago. Okay. I’m going to show you the same things that work on Facebook are working on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn’s too slow to catch up. Their system’s dumb, you admit this right?

I mean, I mean if Jason Mills was here, I think he’d admit it too. Okay. So here it is. He said now this is called broetry, you guys heard of broetry? Okay, so I said “no” to a speaking gig in Norway. Oh my goodness. I’ve got attention. Now, people are going to click “see more”. Do one sentence paragraphs never do to two sentences. Right, don’t do pictures in these things. Scroll down blah blah blah blah and you know, there’s some kind of like fear, or Intrigue and then it ends with this uplifting thing like, “Oh my family’s so important that’s why I say no to these things because you know, I love my family or because to say no to the other dumb things, helps me actually say yes to things are important”. I don’t know, just come up with something inspirational, “Because I worked hard, I was able to achieve, even though they treated me like Susan Boyle and I found out I could sing”, like whatever. It’s like there’s some kind of hero’s journey overcome, right?

That’s what people love. That’s what Hollywood’s based on. All the Marvel stories are based on this. I really didn’t like the ending of Infinity War. Okay, so then look you’ve got these likes and comments. Now when these other people like share and comment now, this is Logan’s profile. He doesn’t have the same LinkedIn power that I do, but I’ve been experimenting because I’ve been writing stories. I’ve been taking you guys. You can call me out. If you want to see it. I’ve been taking the same stories and posting it as me, and then posting as Logan just to experiment and like see who gets more engagement, because i’ve got more industry authority right?

Look he’s got already 4,000 views on this now check this out. All these other people are coming in and they’re commenting. Now if you want to extend this, I’ve gotten some of these posts organically LinkedIn profile to 2 million reach and 10,000 comments. Sing like you can do that too. I’ve demonstrated Logan’s a year ago.

He had 250 connections on LinkedIn is like nothing going on in LinkedIn. Now, he’s getting tons of engagement. This is the same thing that worked on Facebook five years ago. It’s working now on LinkedIn. Don’t tell me but I know you got like live streaming this now, here’s the key to get these things really take off.

[00:24:35] So Brandi’s here. Was that you that commented? Oh that’s amazing. You have to click like, and then click like on that. Now what happens when you click like on LinkedIn? It’s not like Facebook. What happens when you click like on LinkedIn? Oh, and by the way, Ben, reply there by saying, and tag her @Brandi, “Thank you so much. You inspire me, you do, because you’re friends with Heather. Right you are you are amazing. So, thank you”. By the way, the secret ingredient in this entire Inception wheel, you know Inception the dream, inside the dream, inside the dream, because you make it think it’s their idea is to say thank you. Oh and you need an emoticon. You need like Oh, that’s okay go to the next person click like, that generates a notification up in the top. So, you are gaming the LinkedIn algorithm to generate more notifications and thus. On Twitter something is alive for maybe what, half an hour. On Facebook, It’s alive for four hours. On LinkedIn, it’s alive for maybe a week.

Sometimes you can extend something into two or three weeks because these notifications will continue to revive that particular post and their algorithm isn’t smart enough because the Decay factor in the Edgerank is low. Like the Decay Factor on Twitter, whatever is it, it’s so high that things just die off real fast.

[00:25:47] How Things Work on Facebook

You guys follow me. Let me show you how it still works on Facebook. Go to facebook.com/onthisday, and that shows you things that happened over a year ago. We were with Heather and we did this thing. Oh five years ago, you were on the beach doing something right. You could do that on pages too. You can comment as a page on another page and they remind you, when they first launched on this day. Do you remember that would be like, oh that was when you broke up with your girlfriend. Like why do you remind me of this stuff, like what’s going on? Okay. So there we are. Oh, here’s like this other thing is that it is that on this day?

I’ve been making friends with the other people or we went we were there in some other city. I don’t know, Sydney. Let’s watch something. That’s interesting. Okay, that one that one time. Okay, now look at that. Look at that one from the start, got 49 comments. It’s a great video.

[00:26:36] Click on the 49 comments it got. So, the ratio is not bad. Right 49 comments, 265 likes and then scroll to the bottom and then you could say something. Then you want to say thank you. Like that way, it’s not obvious that you’re boasting and trying to game the system. So, you say, “Wow, I can’t believe this was only a year ago. You guys are so amazing. I can’t wait till we do it again.” You’re trying to act like a good friend. But, really, you’re gaming the system because when you say thank you. Gratitude is the most powerful emotion that’s out there, in terms of like getting people to buy because it disarms them. People buy based on the “why” not based on “what”. People buy based on emotion.

You guys know this. There’s the real reason that there’s left brain, right brain that kind of thing.  “That’s so amazing.” And then you could enter, that revives the power of that post even though this was like two years ago. However long it was, you guys know that? You guys doing that?

[00:27:27] Applying the Concept of the Greatest Hits

So, this is also an application of the concept of the greatest hits. Isn’t that so cool. In other words, you do not have to keep creating content. You do not have to be Sisyphus pushing the ball up the hill all the time. I don’t know why marketers do that. Did you ever hear any marketer saying, you know what I’ve got unlimited time. I’ve got plenty of budget and staff. I don’t even mind if we waste stuff. That’s totally cool. I have yeah, there’s no stress or frustration on my part. My calendars completely open, right? All right, let’s go to the deck. Okay, so we’re going to breeze through this that really should be like a whole day.

[00:28:03] Oh, that’s Logan’s Media Kit. Isn’t that nice? I’ll look anytime you get a mention. Let’s just go through this real quick. So you should do a Media Kit for yourself. Whoever your founder is, whoever your figureheads are. You need high authority. High Authority is like, you know, they’re speaking in front of large audience. It’s with people that are respected. It looks good. You need a speaker reel. You see how these things keep going, right? He was on CNN talking about the Facebook thing? I was on CNN 4 times too. So I also did 20 minutes of live TV, worldwide millions of people watching which is really cool.

[00:28:32] So if you take these things, and you make a Media Kit around them, network power and you see who else they’re hanging out with, and you have one-minute interviews with these different people. You can stick it into their content library, which then goes into your topic wheel, which then goes into your 3 by 3, which is what we have here.

[00:28:48] We do what we say, we practice what we preach if you’re an agency and you’re not doing this, shame on you. Cobbler’s son has no shoes. Your website probably doesn’t even work, neither does ours, but keep going neither does Heather’s. No, she got hers fixed recently. Here, he’s made his video.

I won’t have time to make all these videos. Do you have nine minutes? Where someone can hold the phone? Okay fine, you don’t like talking to the camera because you don’t like your hair. You don’t like how you sound? Okay fine, then you’re just getting interviewed by Heather. Someone else is holding, you know that the camera over here and I’m just interviewing you for nine minutes, then one of our VAs from the Philippines who’s making $3 an hour is editing all this kind of stuff into a speaker real right.

[00:29:32] Heather [inaudible]

[00:29:59] There’s another like, five or six decks i’ve got open here. Let’s move to those. That special special updates. Okay, pay attention. I’m going to go through this thing in about four minutes. It really should be like 5 hours. Okay, you ready? Pay attention. I want to talk real fast.

[00:30:15] Best Practices

Best practices. You need to be able to have brand where you’re going to start to use reaching video views and boosting post. Brand awareness, I don’t think works all that well. Direct response works well because you should have smaller audiences. You should not be touching your ads all the time.

[00:30:28] Every time you touch, you reset that ad’s rank that even with something like changing a budget or a bit, placements matter most people screw this up because they do not use automatic placements. Use automatic placements all the time. Yes, I know Audience Network sucks and you cannot remarket on Audience Network views. So, look at all of these different business objectives. They’re saying do not go for fake fans and likes and shares unless that’s the big boss vanity metric. You should absolutely choose the metric that you want, and you want to set it on an automatic bid until you come in and do a manual bid. Creative best practices, people screw up here because they don’t have video. You need one-minute videos, and then cut your one-minute videos down to 15 second videos that work in a sound off environment and mobile.

Mobile first video which means you need vertical videos, especially in Instagram stories, you’re going to reuse those into your Snapchat ads for 10 second views, but Snapchat CPSU is garbage.

[00:31:19] Heather [inaudible]

Square covers both. You haven’t seen this yet Heather, there but I’m going to show you at the very end of this deck, Facebook has created a new way where you can run across all placements, if you don’t have the capability to create vertical video and this kind of thing.

[00:31:36] This is not how Facebook would say that you have a quality versus quantity trade off. Right quantity is, I’m a CPG brand, I’m selling soda water and soap and you know, whatever it is. So, they just want reach. You want to have a lower frequency and you want to do things that are top of the funnel. When you’re doing remarketing against the 10-second view, people been to your website, people have engaged in a chatbot, people who watch the particular video.

Then you’re going to let the algorithm do the work with fewer items in there. You’re going to have simpler campaigns. You’re going to have only a few campaigns per brand, and lots of AdSense. Not lots of campaigns. Why, because relevant score inherits up from the ad, to the ad set, to the campaign, to the account level. Yes, there is an account level relevant score just like on Google and quality score. It’s true. They won’t admit that, it’s true.

[00:31:26] Brand safety. Your stuff is going to get more and more disapproved, more scrutiny not because the community standards have changed. They always have been the same, but the enforcement is being done by AI and machine learning.

[00:31:36] The AI that’s building AI building their own language to be able to figure out what’s the Reps and whatever like nobody knows what’s going on at the with the Facebook algorithm. No one truly knows because the AI is determining this. The newsfeed could not operate. Facebook could not operate without the AI making these suggestions and often they’re really dumb, but that’s okay.

[00:32:56] We’ll talk about that later. We don’t have time to talk about “Watch”. That’s okay. Keep going. Who is bidding for cost-per-click or cost per web site visit on Facebook? You guys doing that? Do not do that. Bid to the objective. Why, because if you bid to video of you, guess what, you’re going to get tons of people that want to watch videos, and never going to buy anything. Oh, Facebook doesn’t convert or tried that. No, you chose the wrong objective.

[00:33:23] If you want conversions, you’re going to bid to conversion. That’s what you want bid to that. Yes, your cost-per-click will be higher. Yes, your cost per view. Yes, your CPM will be higher, but your cost per target objective is always going to be better. Whatever you choose. These pools are going to be different because Facebook is going to sub-target within that broader audience that you set, you’re going to set big audiences.

Do not guess. If you do not know who your audience is, do not guess. The number one message Facebook gave us two days ago is they’re trying to like take the controls away from these users that think they know they’re like touching the campaign’s too many times which resets the ad rank, too many asset too many overlaps in their ad groups because every ad group ads set creates another Target right and now you’re overlapping targets you have unbounded frequency.

Now you’re screwing yourself over. Too narrow of targeting because they think they know who the customer are. Always like women 30 to 35 were married like okay. Yeah, that might be who the main Persona is, but you need to enlarge it and then choose based on the business objective. You see there’s no correlation. Taco Bell pulled Yo Quiero Taco Bell, Chihuahua it drove tons and tons of likes shares and comments.

It didn’t drive any sales so they killed it. That’s why Energizer Bunny does work. Keep going. We don’t have time to talk about that’s a shame. I really want to talk. Okay, the key message here placement optimization, please. Use automatic placements. If you do anything when you’re doing Facebook ads by default keep automatic placements, let the system do the work for you.

[00:34:46] Do not say, Oh, well Instagram’s different, or don’t like audience network it doesn’t convert as well. Like don’t they? Yes, that was true year ago. It is not true anymore. Automatic placements, Instagram stories are amazing. I wish we had time to talk about that value optimization. Now, they have this new thing purchase based ROAS.

[00:35:02] They’re going to move to a lifetime ROAS. So, if you have different items, you’re selling at different prices, instead of bidding to a CPA, you can actually bid to an ROAS and pass that stuff back from the API. You can also include offline conversions in that for your retail store and people are checking in like we’ve done this for Ashley Furniture.

They have lots of stores. They’re the number one Furniture retailer on the planet 10X ROAS based on doing this. Ben is the guy who’s been doing the ads on that. Amazing. How old are you? And he’s kicking all our asses keep going. So, yes, it works. It works. Keep going. Advanced measurement. Oh, who has advanced measurement, raise your hand?

How do you have that? Okay, that is hard to get. We got that two years ago. We were the only agency that ever got access to it. Now go to business manager real quick coming at three minutes. So we have enough time go to business manager. Now what you’re going to see some time this year’s what they told us. We’ve been working on this thing. It’s really hard to use it’s worth it. There’s technical setup that’s required. Go to the hamburger menu see on the left side on business manager. Okay all tools. Now you see there in the middle attribution. You’re going to see this pop-up soon. Click on that, attribution under test and learn school.

[00:36:10] We don’t have time to talk. Facebook’s got amazing analytics, website analytics like Google analytics but better because they also allow you to create new marketing audiences and assemble funnels. I wish we had time to talk about that so scroll up. Oh, there’s Ashley Furniture. Yeah, I’ll just there’s like whatever it is.

[00:36:26] Yeah click on that. We don’t have time to talk. Anyway the whole the whole point. Let’s go back to our deck. We are like running out of time got one-minute left. Anyway attribution shows you the overlap between your different channels like your email your Google AdWords. What have you, we don’t have time go back to the deck?

[00:36:42] Okay see on and off Facebook People based measurement pixels cookies. Those things don’t work very well, right because 40% or 41% of conversions across device and they start on mobile. Keep going. Blah blah blah man, there’s like another 50 slides in here. That’s too bad. All Messengers got lots of cool stuff.

[00:36:59] Keep going. I want to show you like Instagram. So story it. So with Instagram and messenger keep going in like stories when you create ads now you’re going to see that it will automatically work in different stop. You can take the same ad that’s worked on Facebook and it will work in the stories format because they will rearrange it for you automatically, but you the best thing is you want to create stuff that was actually meant to be mobile that was meant to be vertical 15-second videos.

[00:37:26] You can chop your one-minute videos down to 15 second highlights made for text. There’s a couple more slides that are about that. I wish we could talk about that but man it works. So well, Dynamic creative. We don’t have time to talk about that. Hey, if you want this see Tanner in the back, he’ll give you this deck, or Heather, or Ben, or myself.

[00:37:43] I know we’re up on lunchtime. So you guys are free to eat. That’s where I’m going to go to. I’m hungry.

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