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The Search Marketer's Toolkit for Google Tag Manager

Video Summary

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool for implementing web analytics and digital advertising tracking codes on a website. In fact, it lets you add pretty much any arbitrary JavaScript code you choose, meaning it has the power to destroy and construct in equal amounts. In this talk, one of the foremost experts on Google Tag Manager, Simo, will walk you through what he considers the essential steps a search marketer should take when implementing a web analytics tracking plan. He'll get you started with an overview of the importance of data collection customization, before revealing a veritable survival kit of search marketing analytics goodness, including working with website metadata (both extraction and injection), how to measure content engagement, using content groupings for data widening, and wrapping up with an overview on how to access the data in Google Analytics. This session is a must for anyone interested in measuring the worth of their marketing efforts.


I have years of experience in project and product management, search engine optimization, web analytics, web development, web design, content management, IT, academic research, linguistics, customer service and working both for the public and private sector.

My main goal is to become better and faster at what I do, with more knowledge, wisdom, strength, perseverance, humour, guts and energy than I had yesterday.

Specialties: Spoken language research, ICT solutions, Scrum, web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, Python, Google Cloud Platform), web analytics (especially Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager), playing cat-and-mouse with search engines, content marketing, writing, guitars, blues, heavy metal, mood-lifting, bad jokes and puns.

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