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Vesselin Popov using Big Data and Psychometrics to Transform the Creative Proces

Video Summary

Psychometrics is the science of psychological and behavioral measurement, but what does it have to do with content marketing? Vesselin Popov (University of Cambridge) is applying the latest academic research to online campaigns, and using Big Data and psychometrics to transform the creative process. His work on predicting psychological traits from social media and optimizing messages to individuals has helped brands to significantly improve campaign performance and to build greater trust with their customers. These techniques have since been imitated by others, but with critical failings in the ethical aspects of implementation. Vess will show you how to implement these technologies responsibly and blow traditional segmentation out of the water without creeping out your customers.


Working on the implementation of high-impact psychometric tools in digital environments. Leading industry collaboration, product development and tech transfer strategies for a multi-disciplinary research team in the University of Cambridge. Leveraging academic research and commercial insight to transform how we work, shop, move, meet and play, and ensuring citizens retain control over their digital identities in the process.

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