What does an AI-powered society look like?

Video Summary

Sentient Technologies is, amongst a growing slew of competitors, the artificial intelligence startup with the most financial backing behind it. That's meant Sentient's led the way in using machine learning in everything from e-commerce to health care. The company's CEO goes beyond niche use cases to paint a picture of what a society infused with AI will look like.


Antoine is a technology entrepreneur and an investor in technology companies in California and China. He has 20 years of leadership experience in technology marketing worldwide, as CEO, senior officer and director/advisor in listed companies, start-ups, turnarounds and midsize-to-large companies. Antoine has traded in the currency and stock markets for 10 years. Antoine's career highlights include working with the Tokyo representation of the French Prime Minister's DATAR unit to negotiate the setup of Mitsubishi Electric, Canon, Toshiba and Sony's industrial facilities in France, and a 4-year stint at Nortel Networks where he headed the OEM and Asia/Pacific unit of the company's digital wireless terminals business. Antoine was also president & COO of Zi Corporation, a developer of intelligent user interface software listed on the NASDAQ Main Board, and CEO of Dejima, Inc., a developer of distributed artificial intelligence software, which he sold to Sybase, Inc. In addition, Antoine worked at salesforce.com, the leader in on-demand enterprise applications, as vice-president, and at Good Technology, the last independent challenger to RIM Blackberry, as senior vice president. He is an investor, board member and advisor in a number of companies in California, Greater China and Japan. He is the author or co-author of 5 patents. Antoine holds a MBA from the Paris Graduate School of Management (ESCP) and has studied at the faculties of Economics and Commerce of Chuo University in Tokyo.


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