When government and tech actually get along

Video Summary

Startups are often, in their very nature, disruptors deadset on finding a better way to solve a problem. But often to achieve this end means coming face to face with regulation and lobbying around existing bureaucratic structures. Hear from the founders of ChowNow and DraftKings, two startups with very different products yet who have had to make lobbying part of their growth strategies.


Chris Webb, Co-Founder & CEO of ChowNow, an online ordering system and marketing platform for restaurants. At just 19 years old Chris’s interest in markets and trading led him to start his career at Bear Stearns and then Lehman Brothers. While working in the financial sector, Chris’s family made a founding investment in the now popular Tender Greens restaurant chain in California. Chris’s experience with Tender Greens brought to light the gap in the market for online ordering solutions for local groups and independent restaurants. To prove the market need, Chris and his co-founder created a fictional product that mimicked the service that ChowNow would offer and traveled to Santa Barbara to see if they could sell their fake service to restaurateurs. Within a few days they had more than sixty restaurants interested and knew ChowNow would be a hit. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more about ChowNow and why Chris and his co-founder were courted by three LA based accelerators without even applying.

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