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Why "Great Content" is Not Enough

Video Summary

We've all visited amazing content on the web, shared it with our networks, bookmarked it, loved it, and used it, only to find that when we search for it in the future... it doesn't rank?! Supposedly, Google exists to reward precisely these types of great works, and yet, many times mediocrity and awfulness outrank the truly remarkable stuff. In this presentation, Rand will dig into why this happens, what separates ranking content from non-ranking content, and what we can learn about the SEO and marketing processes from these examples.


In 2004, I co-founded the SEO software company, Moz, where I served as CEO until 2014. In 2018, I left and founded SparkToro, a software and data company focused on helping people understand how and where to reach their target audiences. I'm also the author of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World (2018) and a frequent keynote speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship topics around the world. In my spare time, I mostly like to hang out with my wife, Geraldine, and eat pasta.

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